Moonstake Enters a Strategic Partnership with RockX to Support the Polkadot (DOT) Ecosystem

SINGAPORE, Jan 19, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Moonstake has entered into a strategic partnership with Singapore-based RockX to support the Polkadot ecosystem. RockX aims to develop the Polkadot ecosystem. It not only runs its own Polkadot's node, but in September, launched a USD 20 Million five-year investment program. Through this partnership, Moonstake and RockX will accelerate the spread of Polkadot in the blockchain industry through staking.

Moonstake started in the staking business last year with the aim to create the largest staking network in Asia. Moonstake has developed both Web wallets and Mobile wallets (iOS/Android) providing staking services. After a full-scale operation launched in August 2020, Moonstake's total staking assets grew rapidly to reach USD 50 Million. By December, staking assets grew to USD 100 Million. Currently, Moonstake has over USD 200 Million in staked assets.

In Jan of this year, Moonstake announced the support of staking Polkadot's cryptocurrency in Moonstake's Wallet. DOT is top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap. After Cosmos, IRISnet, Ontology, Harmony, Tezos, Cardano and Qtum, DOT became the 9th available coin on Moonstake Web Wallet.

RockX is a digital assets platform that offers risk-adjusted crypto investment for the masses and allows users to compound their crypto holdings through mining, staking, and other DeFi products. Recently, RockX announced that they launched a USD20 Million investment program for the Polkadot ecosystem. The funding, capped at a maximum of USD 500,000 worth of DOT tokens per project, will be provided alongside technical support.

Polkadot is a next-generation blockchain protocol connecting multiple specialized blockchains into one unified network. Polkadot is the flagship project of Web3 Foundation, the world's leading blockchain foundation founded by Ethereum co-founder and former CTO Dr. Gavin Wood. In addition to Dr. Wood, other key members include Dr. Aeron Buchanan, former Head of European Operations at Ethereum, and Reto Trinkler, co-founder of Melonport.

As of January 2021, 63% of the total supply or $6 billion of DOTs have been staked since Polkadot's mainnet launched in May 2020. The price of DOT, the native token of Polkadot and a cross-chain protocol for data and asset interoperability has risen more than 40% in December 2020 after two confidence votes by Binance, the largest crypto exchange by spot trading volume and placing it at ranking 5 cryptocurrencies by the market cap.

Mitsuru Tezuka, Founder at Moonstake says: "We are very pleased to partner with RockX, one of Polkadot's world's leading node operators. Moving forward, we believe our partnership with RockX will enable us to mark a new page in the Asian staking industry. And we are confident that we can support the ever-growing Polkadot ecosystem together. Welcome RockX to our staking partnership family."

Alex Lam, CEO & Founder at RockX says: "We are pleased to be partnering with Moonstake who is fast becoming a world leader in staking technologies. Moonstake and RockX will continue to push the boundaries together to improve access to blockchain services and focus further on the growth of our Polkadot ecosystem."

The partnership also includes the appointment of RockX's CEO Alex Lam as an official advisor to Moonstake.

Profile of Alex Lim

PhD in financial engineering, founded RockMiner – a Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer, in 2013. RockMiner has been focusing on POW mining and one-stop mining investment services since its establishment, serving customers in Europe, Singapore, Dubai, India and other countries and regions. Alex is also one of the founders of RockX, a PoS service and development platform established in Singapore in early 2019. Currently, RockX mainly operates Polkadot, Terra, Solana, Oasis, IOTX and other nodes, and participates in the application development of Algorand, Oasis and other projects. In the past few years, Alex has invested in multiple projects in different sectors of the industry, maintaining his dual identity as entrepreneur and investor.

About Moonstake

Moonstake was recently established to develop a staking pool protocol to satisfy increasing demands in regional and global blockchain markets. Moonstake develops a staking pool protocol and provides business services through partners and companies.

Moonstake aims to be the largest staking pool network in Asia by providing an active environment for crypto asset holders. Establishing a clear partnership roadmap with Moonstake represents another significant milestone for continuing to strengthen ties with leading platforms across Asia's burgeoning Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ecosystem. Partnership has been announced with Emurgo, Ontology and NEO to boost staking adoption, Binarystar, Japan's biggest blockchain hub, OIO Holdings Limited (SGX: OIO), a Singapore Catalist-Listed company. Industry's reputed advisors, such as Lisk and Lawrence Lim of RAMP DEFI support Moonstake's innovative journey.

With a full-scale operation launched in August 2020, we expanded our business and as of now, our total staking assets exceeded over USD 210 Million.

About RockX

RockX is the smartest platform to participate in the growing digital asset economy by enabling anyone to capitalize on the emerging global asset class of digital assets and cryptocurrencies for the best risk-adjusted returns. RockX is a comprehensive digital asset platform where mainstream users can participate in the blockchain economy at a suitable risk-reward profile. RockX is the first of its kind in the market where users can diversify and be exposed to different digital assets in one simple interface.

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DigiCol + AnRKey X Announce True NFT Cross-Platform Interoperability

HONG KONG, Jan 19, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – DigiCol is excited to announce the first strategic partnership! We now have reached a strategic partnership with AnRKey X(TM)! DigiCol enables lending of ETH/USDT for NFTs locked up in the unique smart contract lending platform.

With this new partnership, DigiCol and AnRKey X(TM) aim for true NFT cross-platform interoperability. By enabling compatibility between AnRKey X's Universe Sidechain Collectables NFTs and DigiCol's lending platform, users can earn DGCL rewards for providing liquidity based on the monetary value of the NFT to borrowers.

J.D. Salbego, CEO at AnRKey X, said the following about the partnership: "We're excited to be partnering with DigiCol. With this new partnership, AnRKey X has further developed its gamified staking ecosystem plans. The cross-platform interoperability for NFTs between both platforms is also our latest milestone in bringing the future of DeFi gaming to mass adoption. Needless to say, we have great expectations of this partnership, and we look forward to a very fruitful collaboration with DigiCol"

DigiCol will be launching the beta Platform in Q1 and the AnRKey X will be launching gamified staking (gStake) in Q1, 2021 (see roadmap), which enables NFTs generated on other platforms to be staked for $ANRX rewards, achievements, and power boosts in gDEX games. With this partnership, DigiCol will be one of the first to utilize the gStake SDK for true interoperability with DigiCol NFTs on the gDEX!

Our vision is to throw off the shackles of the current order. We feel confident this new partnership with AnRKey X will be a gigantic leap in realizing that vision. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with AnRKey X!

About DigiCol
DigiCol aims to offer one-click NFT creation with no coding required, which lowers the entry barrier for normal users. Users can create their own digital collectibles and earn rewards (DGCL) by launching them into a liquid NFT marketplace. It also enables NFT owners to unlock liquidity in ETH, USDT, or DGCL by locking their NFTs as collateral.

For more information about DigiCol, please refer to the following links:
Official website:
Telegram Official Group:
Telegram News Channel:

About AnRKey X(TM)
Founded by recognized global leaders in blockchain, crypto assets, and DeFi, the AnRKey X(TM) protocol platform is a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to merge DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFTs into one on their gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports). AnRKey X's token, $ANRX, works just like an arcade coin, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more $ANRX you earn within the AnRKey X(TM) gaming system. With over 30+ years of combined experience working with blockchain-focused companies, crypto funds & exchanges, the team aims to combine DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking with community driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs. The AnRKey X(TM) defi game studio will be releasing continuous games in their m$ports(TM) genre, with their first game Battle Wave 2323(TM)

For more information about AnRKey X(TM), please refer to the following links:
Official website:
Telegram Official Group:
Telegram News Channel:

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Indonesia’s Rimba Raya: World First REDD+ Project Validated for its Impact on all 17 SDGs

Central Kalimantan, INDONESIA, Jan 19, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – In September 2020, the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project obtained independent verification for contributing to the environment, biodiversity and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and upholding the rules and procedures of the SD VISta (Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard) Program.

Rimba Raya is the first REDD+ project validated under the SD VISta Program for its impact on each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), resulting from the project's various activities. The initiatives introduced prevent deforestation and land-use change and encourage community development and economic growth.

"We are very proud of the verification results. This makes the Rimba Raya project become even more determined as a verifiable REDD+ conservation project with additional benefits for the environment and society, supporting people's lives and achieving an impact toward the 17 SDG goals," said Sylviana Andhella, Executive Director of Rimba Raya Conservation.

In January 2020, an independent third-party assessment was carried out by AENOR at the Rimba Raya project in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The main objective of the assessment was to ensure compliance with the rules and requirements of the SD VISta Program were being met..

The scope of the assessment included the impact of the project on sustainable development, and our contribution to the UN SDGs, and their benefit to community members, including their financial prosperity. Additionally, the project was evaluated for significant contribution to the protection of habitat and biodiversity.

The SD VISta Program provides a new standard for understanding the specific impact of a project, both environmental and social aspects. SD VISta enables the project to assess the benefits of sustainable development generated directly towards achieving the SDG's goals. By successfully completing the Verra SD VISta audit, the Rimba Raya project provides a new level of quality assurance and transparency in reporting project results and additional impact claims for emissions reduction efforts.

Rimba Raya project was initiated by InfiniteEARTH, implemented and managed by Rimba Raya Conservation. The purpose of the project is to reduce emissions in Indonesia by conserving about 64,000 hectares which encompasses large areas of tropical peat swamp forest. This action was vital to preventing the conversion of the entire area to an oil palm plantation, which would certainly have led to additional forest degradation within the adjacent Tanjung Puting National Park and consequent loss of biodiversity and habitat, particularly for the endangered Bornean orangutan and other vulnerable animals listed on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. Rimba Raya project works in 14 villages in Seruyan district, Central Kalimantan, in which community living dependently on rivers and forests within and along the project's borders.

Over the years, Rimba Raya project has introduced several economic incentives which are aimed at promoting community development, district government infrastructure and project area protection. Community programs serve as a means to encourage continued efforts in the preservation of the tropical peatland forests and to encourage a greater understanding of each individual's impact, while highlighting the importance of coming together as a community to ensure that these initiatives are relevant and sustainable.

Community involvement is enhanced through the development of programs that improve quality of life. These initiatives cover a broad spectrum of services such as:
– Initiatives that promote sustainable livelihoods
– Increased access to healthcare
– Early childhood development
– Fire prevention activities
– Water filtration systems
– Access to training and higher education
– Forest patrols

Verified Sustainable Development Goals

SDG No. – GOAL – Direct Contributing Project Activities
1. No Poverty – Employment, Micro enterprises, Solar Power & Solar Lanterns
2. Zero Hunger – Chicken Farms & Zuper Shrimp Paste
3. Good health & well being – Floating Clinic, Reading Glasses
4. Quality Education – Training, Scholarships, Community Centers & Village Libraries, Mangrove Reforestation
5. Gender Equality – RRC employment, Chickens Farm & Zuper Shrimp Paste
6. Clean Water and Sanitation – Water filters and Water Filtration systems
7. Affordable and Clean Energy – Power Solar & Solar Lanterns
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth – Chickens Farm & Zuper Shrimp Paste, Tree nurseries, Community Centers & Village Libraries
9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure – Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure Solar power, Micro-Credit; Chickens Farm & Zuper Shrimp Paste, Community Centers
10. Reducing Inequality – Solar Power & Solar Lanterns, Water filters
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities – Support for Tanjung Puting National, Orangutan Care Facility
12. Responsible Consumption and Production – School Curriculum: promoting Climate Change/Sustainability at school in project area
13. Climate Action – Mangrove Reforestation & Peat Swamp Reforestation, Establishment and Protection of the Rimba Raya Reserve, Community Firefighting, Training, School Curriculum: Climate Change/Sustainability, Tree nurseries
14. Life Below Water – Seruyan River Cleanup; Mangrove Reforestation
15. Life on Land – Mangrove Reforestation & Peatswamp Reforestation, Tree nurseries, Establishment and Protection of the Rimba Raya
16. Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions – Community Centers, Solar power
17. Partnerships for the Goals – Development Donations

About PT Rimba Raya Conservation

PT Rimba Raya Conservation (PT RRC) is a company that develops the programs of ecosystem conservation and restoration by protecting and securing the trees, establishing the forest and conserving the forest's biodiversity. The release of orangutans is one of the fundamental obligations of PT RRC as the licensee of Timber Forest Product Utilization Restoration (IUPHHK-RE).

PT RRC is clearly committed to protect, conserve and secure its work area concession of 64,000 hectares to the fullest including to restore the forest and its biodiversity and the local community. PT RCC is a privately held company that pioneers ecosystem conservation and restoration by implementing a REDD+ program. For more information, please visit

Frita Junita
Communication Officer, Rimba Raya Conservation
Hp +62 857-1743-7001

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New LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution Product Enables Transparency Between Online Marketplaces and Their Trusted Partners within a First-Party Data Framework

Portland, OR, Jan 19, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – LeadsRx, a marketing analytics company, announced the availability of LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution(TM) – the first comprehensive platform that maps the customer journey and performs attribution analysis across the websites of network owners and their trusted partners promoting and selling products and services within an industry ecosystem.

Marketing ecosystems are composed of network owners and their partners. In this model, partners sell and promote a product or service, while network owners perform collaborative marketing and are paid a fee to do so by the partner. This is a cooperative relationship, but a single network owner often performs marketing for multiple, even hundreds or thousands, of partners. An ecosystem is formed when multiple competing networks strive to earn the business of partners. Examples of network owners include companies like Zillow, Auto Trader, NZI, and Domino's Pizza, and they function within an ecosystem for real estate, vehicle sales, dentists, insurance brokers and agents, and franchises.

LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution, with its innovative distributed attribution pixel technology, allows a network owner to electronically share first-party consumer behavior data in real-time with its trusted partners through an authenticated backbone. When combined with the partner's own first-party data, this results in a complete and accurate picture of the collaborative customer journey leading to shared insights and transparent accountability.

"Online marketplaces, directories, and franchised operations all struggle to show the real value they provide to their partners," said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. "This is a billion-dollar problem for these collaborative marketers who otherwise can only communicate self-reported stats that may not be believed by their partners; by using the LeadsRx distributed attribution pixel, network owners can demonstrate their value in a transparent and trusted way, while also levelling the competitive landscape among network owners and other advertising channels."

Until now, these network marketplaces and their partners have lacked the unbiased analytics and multi-channel data sharing capabilities that LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution provides. Their current advertising and marketing tech-tools lack the ability to shed light and measure the performance of complex collaborative marketing relationships or provide the performance transparency an entire ecosystem requires.

The Problem with Attribution Across Networks

Currently, owners of a network diligently promote and advertise products and services provided by trusted partners, but they are unable to prove that their efforts are paying off with sales conversions. With network owners on one end and selling partners on the other, capturing an accurate customer journey and attribution analysis across this ecosystem requires collaboration and cooperation among the players.

"When ecosystem players use shared technology like LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution, network owners can electronically add to the chain of events on a consumer's path to purchase," stated Brown. "This provides much-needed transparency and accountability to spark marketing performance and well-spent budgets."

LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution makes collaborative marketing and data sharing across marketplaces between network owners and partners possible with new distributed pixel technology. For more information about LeadsRx Ecosystem Attribution, read more about the problem network owners are facing.

About LeadsRx

A fast innovator and a marketer's choice for 5,000-plus global and local brands, LeadsRx is an unrivalled multi-touch attribution SaaS platform. Powered by a unique Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel(TM), LeadsRx provides an impartial view of customer journeys, giving each advertising touchpoint proper weight and credit including broadcast media. Founded by marketers, LeadsRx enables companies of any size to elevate marketing performance in a framework that is easily understood delivering sustainable return on ad spend (ROAS). To learn more about how LeadsRx can support you in marketing transformation visit Connect with LeadsRx on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

– Twitter:
– LinkedIn:
– Facebook:

For more information
Jeff Fishburn
Fishburn PR for LeadsRx


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Sword GRC to Enhance Product Roadmap, Grow Team, and Extend Global Reach With Multi-Million Pound Investment

Maidenhead, England, Jan 19, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Sword GRC, a provider of specialist risk, compliance and governance software and services, today announces significant financial investment from its parent organisation Sword Group. The funding underpins its programme of ongoing product research and development, involving the creation of 60 new software developer roles and will help accelerate the Company's growth trajectory.

Nick joined Sword GRC in 2012 and has overall responsibility for all operational activities. Nick has over 25 years of industry experience having worked in senior roles at such companies as Computer Associates, SAP, and Lawson Software.

Since its acquisition by Sword Group in 2013, Sword GRC has experienced year-on-year growth and enjoyed increasing demand for its products internationally. Over the first quarter of this year, it will actively strengthen its talent pool to support the next phase of its planned development.

Nick Scully, Sword GRC Chief Executive Officer, said: "These are exciting times for all at Sword GRC. Over the past seven years the business has grown well organically, further paving the way for our expansion.

"Sword GRC hit its 2020 earnings target, despite exceptionally challenging market conditions. This is a testament to the business's fundamental strength and our team's hard work and commitment. 2021 will see us increase momentum with a substantial investment in the depth and breadth of our GRC solution set, through the recruitment of sixty new developers with the skills and experience to support our forward-looking vision."

With a global customer base spanning aerospace and defence, infrastructure, transportation, energy, utilities, mining and financial services, Sword GRC works closely with its customer advisory board to understand the nature of product enhancement requirements. This places Sword GRC in a unique position to understand and address customer needs in ways which will drive further investment and growth.

"We are proud to have established strong working relationships across the globe with customers as diverse as NASA to UK Ministry of Defence, and are confident in our ability to further advance our product offering, leveraging the latest technologies to reflect customer needs and deliver best-fit risk management solutions," stated Scully.

Commenting on the imminent rollout of Sword GRC's development programme, Jacques Mottard, Sword Group Chairman said: "GRC market growth is surpassing the wider economy. Sword GRC's world-class portfolio of products and excellent staff, combined with its strong management team and customer advisory board, uniquely positions it to capitalize upon this opportunity. Strategic investment in the ongoing success of Sword GRC reflects the clear opportunity and growth potential we see within Sword Group's software division. We are delighted to help facilitate the creation of quality jobs in the UK and to support the advancement of world-class risk management solutions for existing and new customers globally."

Press Enquiries:
Keith Ricketts, VP of Marketing
M: +44 (0)7894 608435

Recruitment Enquiries:

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Nick Scully, Chief Executive Officer, Sword GRC
Nick joined Sword GRC in 2012 and has overall responsibility for all operational activities. Nick has over 25 years of industry experience having worked in senior roles at such companies as Computer Associates, SAP, and Lawson Software.

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The Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress of Henan Province Opens, Tian Lun Gas expects to benefit from the Provincial “14th Five-Year Plan”

Zheng Zhou, Jan 19, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The Fourth Session of the 13th People's Congress of Henan Province and the Fourth Session of the 12th Henan Provincial CPPCC (hereinafter referred to as the "Henan Two Sessions") opened in Zhengzhou on January 18 and January 17, 2021, respectively. At the meeting, the "14th Five-Year Plan" and long-term goals for 2035 were put forward, in which the implementation of rural construction activities was placed in an important position. The government work report mentioned that in 2021, the upgrade of rural infrastructure will be accelerated, the implementation of the "gasification village" project will be accelerated, and 2 million rural natural gas users will be added. As a pioneer and important participant in the gasification of rural areas in Henan Province, China Tianlun Gas Holdings Co., Ltd. (1600.HK, hereinafter referred to as "Tianlun Gas" or "Company") will benefit from this policy.

According to reports from Henan Dahe Finance Cube,in Henan, Tianlun Gas is the pioneer and leader of rural gas construction. In July 2018, Yuzi Holding and Tianlun Gas jointly established Henan Yutian New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yutian New Energy), and jointly established Henan Yuzi Tianlun New Energy Investment Fund with a total scale of 50 billion yuan. Used to invest in rural gasification projects and natural gas upstream and downstream industrial chains in Henan Province.

Nowadays, Tian Lun Gas is making efforts in the upstream and downstream industries of gasification villages at the same time. It plans to provide multi-level products by extending the industrial chain and actively integrate into the domestic cycle. As the director of Tianlun Group, Zhang Daoyuan, also a member of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, said that the province's gasification and rural construction should be promoted in five levels: the province's overall planning, clarification of competent departments, improvement of organizational structures and implementation systems, strengthening of funds and gas sources, and innovation of gas franchise rights.

At the Henan two sessions, the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Henan Province and the Outline of Long-term Goals for 2035 (Draft)" was put forward. The draft predicts that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate of Henan Province's main economic indicators will be higher than the national average with an average annual growth rate of about 6% and the urbanization rate of the permanent population will exceed 60%. The main expected goals for economic and social development this year are GDP growth by more than 7%, industrial added value above designated size by about 7%, and fixed asset investment by 6%. The urbanization rate of the permanent population will increase by about 1.3%, and the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP will be reduced by about 3%. (Source: The "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Henan Province and the Outline of Long-term Goals for 2035 (Draft)")

In addition to economic goals, the draft also emphasizes ecological construction and rural construction-related work. The draft put forward to implement the concept of green development, continue to improve environmental quality, strengthen precise prevention and control of air pollution, basically eliminate heavily polluted weather, actively practice green development methods, in-depth adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure, land use structure and agricultural investment structure, and continue to reduce the intensity of carbon emissions and reduce the proportion of coal in total energy consumption by about 5 percentage points. Among the eight key tasks to be done this year, promoting rural revitalization, accelerating agricultural and rural modernization were specially strengthened. Accelerate the implementation of the "Gasification Village" project, add 2 million rural natural gas users, optimize and upgrade rural infrastructures such as water, electricity, roads, communications, radio and television, and logistics, and improve the level of rural public services. In 2020, Henan will comprehensively improve the living environment in rural areas. Pipeline natural gas will enter more than 1.2 million villages while vigorously promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction. Promote clean production and green transformation in key industries, promote the use of environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment and products, implement the project of entering enterprises and parks on special railway lines, and launch low-carbon pilot projects in multiple fields to improve the level of green development. (Source: The "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Henan Province and the Outline of Long-term Goals for 2035 (Draft)")

In the 2035 long-term goal, it is emphasized that in the construction of an ecologically strong province, the ecological environment will be fundamentally improved, and the Yellow River Basin will be the first to achieve a healthy and stable ecosystem, a wide range of green production and lifestyles and a steady decline in carbon emissions after peaking and then realize the modernization of harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature. (Source: The "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Henan Province and the Outline of Long-term Goals for 2035 (Draft)")

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ABC International is Giving Redsun Properties “Buy” Rating with Target Price at HK$3.8

HONG KONG, Jan 18, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Redsun Properties Group Limited ("Redsun Properties", or the "Group", stock code: 1996) a leading comprehensive property developer in Mainland China has been given a "Buy" rating by ABC International, with a target price of HK$3.8 backed by its impressive sales and steady rental.

Driven by favorable geographic exposure to Yangtze River Delta region ("YRD"), Redsun Properties' contracted sales rose from RMB 25.7 billion in 2017 to RMB 86.5 billion in 2020, implying a CAGR of 50%. In 1H20, YRD accounts for 77% of the total contracted sales amount. As of June 2020, the Group had a landbank GFA of 18.37mn sqm, of which 55%, 18% and 27% of the landbank is located in Jiangsu, YRD ex. Jiangsu (mainly Zhejiang and Anhui), and other key cities in China.

ABC International believes that the "Property+ Commercial" model of Redsun Properties enhances the chances of acquiring land at a low cost. While developing residential properties, the Group also operates a range of commercial properties that include shopping malls, amusement parks, community entertainment centers, hotels and office buildings. Most of these commercial property buildings are adjacent to the Group's residential property projects, providing ancillary services for residents and supporting prices of the residential property projects. For example, the average land cost of the Anqing Commercial and Residential Complex was RMB1,846/sqm with an expected gross profit margin of no less than 30%.

ABC International also believes that the Group has a strong recurring income. As of June 2020, the Group operated three Hong Yang Plazas located in Nanjing in Jiangsu, Changzhou in Jiangsu, and Yantai in Shandong, respectively. Among the 11 malls to commence operation after 2020, three are asset-heavy while the rest are developed under the asset-light model. The Group targets to open the three asset-heavy malls in 2022-23. Driven by the rising rent rates, the Group's rental revenue increased at 57% CAGR from RMB166 million in 2017 to RMB411 million in 2019, and grew 14% YoY to RMB213mn in 1H20.

About Redsun Properties Group Limited ("Redsun Properties") (stock code: 1996)
Redsun Properties Group Limited ("Redsun Properties" or "The Group") is a leading comprehensive developer in China, focusing on the development of residential properties and the development, operation and management of commercial and comprehensive properties. The Group has established a steady regional leading position in Jiangsu Province by taking root in Nanjing, Jiangsu and Yangtze River Delta. Since the incorporation of Nanjing Redsun in 1999, Redsun Properties has worked in the sector of property development and sales for 20 years, established the

Hong Yang brand and received widespread recognition for the development capacity and industry position.
While developing residential properties, Redsun Properties also operates commercial complexes covering shopping malls, amusement parks and community centers, hotels and office buildings. Most of the commercial property buildings are adjacent to the Group's residential property projects, providing ancillary services for the residents and also increasing the value of the Group's residential property projects.

Redsun Properties is a constituent of the MSCI China Small Cap Index, Hang Seng Composite Index and Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index.

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Rhotex Inc Launches Environmentally-Sound Options to Crypto Mining

TORONTO, Jan 18, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Rhotex ( ) has officially launched 3 miner cases configured with an in-built factory cooling system to ensure 100% efficiency as the chips generate heat. From Rhotex, this first of its kind innovation designed by seasoned crypto industry experts provides an environmentally responsible solution to today's challenges with the traditional miners by consuming lesser power supply compared to the output performance.

Rhotex currently offers a range of products in their new offer: RHO Lite, RHO Pro, and RHO Rack which comes with incredible features such as low power consumption, high-performance output, Wi-Fi / Ethernet connection, easy setup and productive compatibility with various blockchain options. These combined with its inbuilt cooling system increases expected hash rate conversion hence giving it an edge in the industry. All products in the RHO series were painstakingly analyzed and tried under intense conditions.

Rhotex Inc.'s algorithm solutions integrate world-class hardware and software technologies for edge and cloud-to-edge enterprise solutions and mines Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash at high levels in remarkable time. Hash rate powers in the series include:

RHO Lite: 1000 TH/s – Bitcoin, 5 GH/s – Ethereum
RHO Pro: 1800 TH/s – Bitcoin, 10 GH/s – Ethereum and
RHO Rack: 4100 TH/s – Bitcoin, 20 GH/s – Ethereum.

Roberts Evans, CEO for Rhotex Inc. in a statement says the RHO series is an easy to use miner that optimizes energy efficiency while providing maximum output. "It's our way of contributing our quota to a green environment by creating an eco-friendly design with an in-built cooling system that has very low carbon emission. This is the first of its kind. We are very delighted by the opportunities this innovation offers," he further added.

To access the wide range of products on offer and learn more about Rhotex visit

About Rhotex

Rhotex Inc. is the company behind the RHO Miner series which are eco-friendly high-quality cryptocurrency miners with an in-built cooling system that delivers extremely high hash power with low energy consumption. Their partners include Equinix, Avenga, Etiya, Altiostar, and many more. Headquartered in Toronto Canada, the company currently has facilities in Australia.

Contact Information:
Rhotex Inc.
Torrie Fontan

SOURCE: Rhotex Inc

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Blockpass and Matic Announce Integration

HONG KONG, Jan 18, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The start of the new year proves to be auspicious for Blockpass and Matic as the two companies reveal Blockpass' integration with Matic – the scaling solution for public blockchains. Providing fast, efficient and effective KYC services for Matic is the latest example of Blockpass' pioneering of on-chain KYC. Signing an MoU before Christmas, the companies are hard at work to provide this new opportunity for the Matic Blockchain as soon as possible.

Matic is a Hybrid Plasma/Proof of Stake side chain which uses an adapted version of the Plasma framework, providing a solution for fast and low-cost transactions. Horizontally scalable, the network currently uses one side chain, with more able to be added when or if they are required. Matic is completely EVM compatible, providing users with the same options they would find or use on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Blockpass is a digital identity verification provider which provides a one-click compliance gateway to financial services and other regulated industries. Through Blockpass, users can create, store, and manage a data-secure digital identity that can be used for an entire ecosystem of services, token purchases and access to regulated industries. For businesses and merchants, Blockpass is a comprehensive KYC & AML SaaS that requires no integration and no setup cost. You can set up a service in minutes, test the service for free and start verifying and on-boarding users.

"Ever since the beginning of blockchain technology, scalability has been an issue on everyone's radar," said Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass. "Not only does Matic provide a solution through its Plasma framework-based sidechains, but it also does so with fast, low-cost transactions which make it affordable to anyone. Blockpass is uniquely positioned to provide KYC for the speed and scale of their operations thanks to our reusable-KYC model. We look forward to bringing the benefits of blockchain technology and smart contracts to a huge audience at negligible cost."

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder and COO of Matic Network said of the partnership, "KYC and AML are highly important tools that will bring further legitimacy to the burgeoning crypto industry. The way Blockpass reduces traditional KYC costs is impressive, and their recent on-chain KYC is definitely groundbreaking."

Blockpass has grown significantly in size and use since its inception, both in the number and range of users and companies it has partnered with, and the scope of its work. Blockpass continues to develop its digital identity protocol with updates and additions to improve the compliance experience. Blockpass has seen rapidly increasing numbers of users in the past year as its identity verification solution is used for ICOs, STOs and IEOs, including supporting a number of successful fundraisers in the past few months. This recent integration with Matic is already leading to conversations with other companies and businesses around the topic of KYC provision. Matic is also a member of the Chainlink ecosystem of blockchains, and Chainlink is supporting Blockpass with the infrastructure on Matic.

With a current 90%+ discount on its services, a fact made possible due to the unique reusable nature of its verification method, and put in place to help as many people as possible access KYC in the current pandemic, there has never been a better time to explore the potential of Blockpass. The Blockpass App is available from the App Store and Google Play.

About Blockpass

Blockpass is a fast, fully comprehensive KYC & AML screening software-as-a-service for blockchains, Crypto, Defi and other regulated industries. With Blockpass, you get an unmatched set of benefits for any compliance service that includes pay-as-you-go, no setup cost, no integration necessary, free testing, immediate launch and at the lowest cost. Blockpass' KYC Connect(TM) platform enables businesses to select requirements for customer onboarding that can include ID authentication, face-matching, address checking, AML ongoing monitoring and/or screening of sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), and adverse media. Through Blockpass, end-users easily create a verified portable identity that they can control and re-use to onboard with any service instantly. By integrating with Chainlink Network – a decentralized oracle solution – in early January, Blockpass introduced the first on-chain KYC solution that will service many blockchains in the years to come.

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About Matic Network

Matic is a developer-first hybrid POS+Plasma sidechain on top of Ethereum, enabling Ethereum developers to scale their DApps for large scale usage. Matic is rapidly becoming the go-to Layer 2 Solution for developers, thanks to secure, scalable and instant transactions, secured by Ethereum. There are 70+ Dapps building on Matic, ranging from DeFi Protocols to thrilling games and prediction markets.

Deploy your existing Ethereum DApp in less than 15 minutes. Get started with our documentation:


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AC Milan to Join Sports Crypto Movement with Launch of $ACM Fan Token

MILAN, Jan 18, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Italian football giants AC Milan, in partnership with fintech blockchain company Chiliz, have announced plans to launch an $ACM Fan Token on the fan engagement and rewards platform in the coming weeks. & Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus (left) with Chief Revenue Officer for AC Milan Casper Stylsvig (right) at the official signing of the partnership in the new studio at the club's Casa Milan headquarters.

AC Milan are among the most successful clubs of all time, with 18 FIFA and UEFA trophies to their name in addition to 18 Serie A titles and a massive global fanbase estimated at 450 million, including a significant following throughout Asia.

$ACM Fan Token owners will be able to access a wide range of benefits including the right to vote in multiple club decisions each season, VIP rewards & experiences, exclusive club and sponsor promotions, games, competitions and 'super-fan' recognition.

The club joins a list of 19 major sporting organizations who have partnered with to launch Fan Tokens, including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma, Atletico de Madrid, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor. Leading esports organizations Team Heretics, NAVI, OG and Alliance have all launched Fan Tokens on the platform, while UFC have signed a global fan engagement agreement and fellow MMA organisation the Professional Fighters League will launch a Fan Token in the coming months. More major clubs are set to launch Fan Tokens in the near future.

Notable examples of fan engagement through include fans of Apollon FC choosing the first team for a friendly match and the club's home and away kit for the 2021/22 season. Juventus fans chose the club's new goal celebration song, decided on a limited edition redesign of the iconic 'J' logo and the first team bus for the 2020/21 season. Supporters of FC Barcelona placed a unique fan designed artwork at the heart of the Camp Nou dressing room, Roma fans delivered questions direct to head coach Paolo Fonseca in a live press conference and PSG fans chose a unique message for the captain's armband as well as voting on their end of season awards through the app.

Powered by the utility token Chiliz $CHZ, is one of the most active non-financial, consumer-facing mainstream blockchain products in the world. In just over a year it has been downloaded by more than 450,000 people, over 14M Fan Tokens have been sold, and over 700,000 votes registered on the blockchain. In total, Fan Tokens have generated over $30M USD for clubs and partners in a little over 12 months. In late December and early January several Fan Tokens were listed on major global exchanges driving significant activity, with $PSG and $JUV trading volumes hitting a 24 hour high of $300M in late December.

Fans who purchased 'Milan Devils' Tokens using pre-sale feature Locker Room will have their tokens transformed into $ACM Fan Tokens upon launch. Locker Tokens for Manchester Blue and The Galacticos have sold out.

Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of AC Milan said: "We are happy to join hands with and welcome them to our family as a global partner. This partnership allows us to give our 450 million fans across the world another exciting way to interact with AC Milan, which is particularly important under the current circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"As an innovative Club, one of our focus areas is modernization and this partnership helps us complete another important step in that direction."

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO and Founder of Chiliz and said: "I'm delighted to welcome AC Milan and their 450 million fans from across the world to

"Fans of the I Rossoneri will be able to enjoy unprecedented engagement with their favourite team, influencing the club in polls, accessing VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, chat forums and much more.

"The AC Milan partnership is a great start to a year in which we will work harder than ever on our mission to fully establish Fan Tokens as the ultimate fan engagement tool and as a powerful new revenue generator for the sports industry."

About Chiliz

Chiliz ($CHZ) is a fintech blockchain company that provides sports & entertainment entities with tools to help them engage & monetize their global audiences. The company's consumer facing app launched in late 2019. To date, 20 major sporting organisations, including FC Barcelona, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain have partnered with to launch Fan Tokens.

Fan Tokens are digital assets that provide owners with engagement opportunities, including voting rights in exclusive polls. Fan Token owners can also connect with other fans in Socios Chat, access exclusive organisation and sponsor-related promotions, enjoy VIP rewards and take part in games, competitions and quizzes on the app. In early 2020 Chiliz launched (Chiliz Exchange) the world's first tokenised sports exchange, with the goal to create a new ecosystem, drawing participation from sports fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who can trade and exchange Fan Tokens on the platform. All of these projects are fueled by the Chiliz token ($CHZ), a chain-agnostic digital currency which is currently available on leading crypto exchanges around the world, including Binance. For more information please visit /

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