Crypto Exchange, JPEX Announces Launch of Native Token, JPC

NEW YORK, NY, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – JPEX, a centralized crypto exchange platform, has announced the launch of its native token, JPC. With over a hundred million users and multiple crypto support, JPEX’s decision to launch a token aligns with the team’s goal to continually integrate wholesome, advanced, and cutting-edge features into the ecosystem. And as a token, JPC will contribute immensely to the growth of JPEX and add liquidity to the centralized exchange platform.

JPEX, through JPC, aims to improve the market capitalization of exchange-backed tokens, setting the nascent crypto trend on a unique path.

JPC will launch officially on Monday, August 8th, 2022, at expressly 22:00 [GMT] on the JPEX platform.

How JPC Will Impact JPEX and the Crypto Market

As the NFT wave continues to attract more collectors and brands, various centralized crypto exchanges such as Binance,, and Coinbase have launched marketplaces, simplifying the NFT buying and selling process for users. JPEX, backed by a team of innovative, vibrant, and committed individuals, has its eyes set on the NFT space and could enter the market soon. The eventual entry into the NFT space will see JPC become the primary digital asset for transactions on the JPEX NFT marketplace. Thus, opening up more opportunities for digital art collectors.

With JPEX currently offering several earning options for users, the launch of JPC further provides the centralized exchange an opportunity to introduce staking, widening the reward gap for existing and potential users. JPC could serve as a reward token for users keen on committing a percentage of their holdings to the platform.

JPC possesses all of the pivotal characteristics of money—scarcity, durability, legitimacy, utility, transferable, and divisibility. These indispensable facets make it an ideal token with the potential of gaining mainstream adoption and acceptance as a transactional currency.

The JPC Lottery

Set to launch on Monday, August 8th, 2022, JPC will be available for trading on the JPEX exchange. To celebrate the token launch, JPEX will host a JPC Lottery where users can win 20 million JPC tokens.

The lottery will run from July 27th to August 3rd with a fixed price of 200 USDT. In an unprecedented fashion, JPEX will return the lottery fee – 200 USDT – to non-winners.

JPC is the second token to launch on the JPEX launchpad, LPG the first. However, it has managed to rake in more users and the number of tokens bought than the latter. JPC’s first presale saw over 20,000 users and more than 20 million tokens purchased compared to LPG’s 8,000 users. Notwithstanding, LPG experienced an over 70% surge in price immediately after launch, and with JPC more widely received, the price surge could be double or triple of the former’s.

As an ERC-20 token, JPC will offer a ton of benefits, ranging from JPEX voting rights to Friend Promise rewards, metaverse and NFT trade discounts, an increase in asset insurance, and benefits from pledging a specific amount of tokens.

About JPEX

JPEX is one of the most accessible centralized exchanges for quick, transparent, and legitimate buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. With millions of users, the launch of JPC as a native token will further cement the platform’s stance as one of the market leaders. JPC will introduce essential features to the exchange, attracting more users and retaining existing customers.

Social Contact

Media Contact
Media team, JPEX


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HG Semiconductor Places 30 Million New Shares and Announces Subscription of 60 Million Shares and 60 Million Warrants by Founder of GCL Technology Mr. Zhu Gongshan

HONG KONG, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – HG Semiconductor Limited ("HG Semiconductor", together with its subsidiaries, "the Group", Stock Code: 6908.HK) has announced placement of 30 million new shares ("Placing Shares") at the placing price of HK$3.20 per share to no less than six placees. In addition, the Group has entered into an investment agreement ("Investment Agreement") with Profit Act Limited ("Strategic Investor"), an entity indirect wholly-owned by the Founder, Chairman and Executive Director GCL Technology Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 3800.HK) Mr. Zhu Gongshan ("Mr. Zhu"), pursuant to which the Group had conditionally agreed to allot and issue, and Strategic Investor had conditionally agreed to subscribe for 60 million subscription shares ("Shares Subscription") and 60 million warrants ("Warrants Subscription").

As at 5 August 2022, the Group has 563,591,000 shares in issue. Pursuant to the placing agreement, the Placing Shares represent approximately 5.32% of the existing issued share capital of the Group. After deducting the placing commission and other relevant expenses, the maximum net proceeds will amount to approximately HK$93.6 million. The Group intends to use approximately HK$78.0 million of the proceeds for strengthening its research and development ("R&D") capabilities of semiconductor business including light-emitting diode ("LED"), Mini LED, fast charging, gallium nitride ("GaN") devices and related products, which includes set-up of R&D centres, recruitment of R&D professionals, and the procurement of equipment and materials with an aim to develop and/ or capture patent and technology. The remains of the net proceeds will be used for provision of general working capital and improving the financial position of the Group.

In regard to the Investment Agreement with Strategic Investor, the Shares Subscription price is HK$3.00 per subscription share, while the subscription price of each warrant share upon exercise of the warrants will be HK$3.68. After deduction of relevant costs and expenses, the gross and net proceeds from the Shares Subscription and full exercising of the subscription rights attaching to the warrants will be approximately HK$180.0 million and approximately HK$220.8 million respectively. The Group proposes to use the proceeds from the Shares Subscription and Warrants Subscription for the development of GaN business. The subscription shares and warrants shares cannot be sold or transferred for 18 months commencing on the date of issuance. Meanwhile, the Strategic Investor will conduct due diligence examinations on the Group regarding its business, financial, and legal aspects etc. If the results of the due diligence examinations are to the satisfaction of Mr. Zhu, the Strategic Investor will participate in the Shares Subscription and the Warrants Subscription. The subscription shares and warrant shares will be allotted and issued under the Shares Specific Mandate to be sought from the shareholders at extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

Mr. Zhu is the Founder, Chairman and Executive Director of GCL Technology Holdings Limited. He was a member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (the "CPPCC") and is currently a member of the 12th Jiangsu Province Committee of the CPPCC, the chairman of Global Green Energy Industry Council, the vice chairman of Global Innovation Centre, the chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association, the deputy director of the Green and Low Carbon Development Promotion Committee of China Enterprise Confederation, the executive vice president of the Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle Branch of China Electricity Council. Over the years, Mr. Zhu has been deeply involved in the fields of electric power, photovoltaic, natural gas, new energy vehicle operation and semiconductor. In addition, he attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. The Investment Agreement between the Group and the Strategic Investor signifies the trust and support of Mr. Zhu, giving the Group a strong vote of confidence in further solidifying the business strategies and development of GaN.

Subsequent to the personal investment in HG Semiconductor by Dr. Justin Chiu, Executive Director of CK Asset Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1113.HK), the management of the Group is delighted to introduce more new investors. The Shares Subscription and Warrants Subscription represent a good opportunity for the Group to raise additional capital for expanding its GaN business, so as to expedite the Group's development. In view of the steadfast development of global new energy vehicles, coupled with global geopolitical risks and other factors, various countries fully support the development of the semiconductor industry (particularly the third-generation semiconductor), the Group's GaN business is poised to embrace bright prospects. Leveraging the background of Mr. Zhu as a strategic shareholder, the Group expects (i) further coordination of resources in the new energy industry with Strategic Investor alongside strategic synergy with the Group's third-generation semiconductors (especially power chips) to form complementary industrial resources; (ii) the use of Strategic Investor's financial resources and business network in the financial system to assist the Group in the rapid development of production capacity and products; (iii) facilitation of the Group to work closely with local governments to improve the policies and supports for the third-generation semiconductor industry; and (iv) that the Strategic Investor will share experiences in operation and management to assist the Group to build up its talents, operations, technology and R&D.

Looking ahead, the Group will continue to proactively pursue technological innovation, refine its business strategies to capture market opportunities and accelerate growth in its GaN semiconductor business, striving to generate continuous and stable returns for its shareholders in the long run.

About HG Semiconductor Limited
HG Semiconductor Limited (6908.HK) is principally engaged in semiconductor product business in China, including the design, development, manufacturing, subcontracting services and sales of light-emitting diode ("LED") beads and a new generation of semiconductor gallium nitride ("GaN"). The Group is committed to accelerating its research and development and expansion in the application of GaN related products, with an aim to become a leading semiconductor company with the integration of design, manufacturing and sales of semiconductor chips, as well as providing total solutions with higher efficiency and competitive system cost.

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Swang Chai Chuan Limited Announces Details of Proposed Listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

HONG KONG, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Swang Chai Chuan Limited ("Swang Chai Chuan" or the "Group"), an established distributor of Food & Beverage ("F&B") and other products for recognised international and domestic third-party brands and own brands in Malaysia, today announced the details of its proposed listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("HKEX").

Swang Chai Chuan plans to offer a total of 241,000,000 shares under the Global Offering (subject to the Over-allotment Option), which comprises 216,900,000 Shares (subject to re-allocation and the Over-allotment Option) for the International Placing, and 24,100,000 Shares (subject to re-allocation) for the Hong Kong Public Offering. Based on the Offer Price HK$0.54 per Share (being the mid-point of the indicative offer price range of HK$0.52 to HK$0.56 per Share) assuming the Over-allotment Option is not exercised, after deducting estimated underwriting fees and other expenses, net proceeds from the Global Offering are estimated at approximately HK$86.0 million.

The Hong Kong Public Offering will commence from 9:00 a.m. on 8 August 2022 (Monday) and end at 12:00 noon on 11 August 2022 (Thursday). Results of allocations are expected to be announced on 18 August 2022 (Thursday), and dealing of the Group's shares is expected to commence on the Main Board of HKEX on 19 August 2022 (Friday) under the stock code of 2321. Shares will be traded in board lots of 5,000 Shares each.

Sunny Fortune Capital Limited is the Sole Sponsor and Sunny Fortune Capital Limited and Elstone Securities Limited are the Joint Global Coordinators, Joint Bookrunners and Joint Lead Managers. BOCOM International Securities Limited, China Galaxy International Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, CMBC Securities Company Limited, Haitong International Securities Company Limited and Phillip Securities (Hong Kong) Limited are the other Joint Bookrunners and other Joint Lead Managers.

Investment Highlights
Established F&B distributor of Own Brands, international and domestic brands in Malaysia
Swang Chai Chuan is one of the top 5 companies(1) in Malaysia F&B distribution industry. With its long years of experience in and dedication to the F&B distribution industry in Malaysia, the Group has become an established local F&B distributor with substantial scale, supporting over 200 international and domestic brands. Third-Party Brands distributed by the Group included Oreo, Cadbury, Ajinomoto, a British multinational ice-cream frozen dessert brand and a New Zealand international dairy product brand. The Group has also served a number of well-established retail chains such as Nirwana, TF Value-Mart, BS Group and Sabasun. To establish the reputation and enhance the market penetration, Swang Chai Chuan is committed to offering a wide range of products under different brands to customers with timely delivery service. At the same time, the Group has received awards and recognitions by Malaysian associations in recognition of the excellent product and services, such as the Superbrands Status and the Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards.

Strong sourcing network and long-term relationship with recognised international and domestic brand owners
The Group distributed and actively managed the diverse portfolio of F&B and other brands of a wide selection of quality products covering 4,000 SKUs, which can be divided into nine different core categories, namely dairy products, frozen food, packaged food and commodities, sauce, oil and condiments, beverages and specialty products, personal and baby care products, pet care products and cleaning and kitchen supplies. The Group has established long-term business relationship ranging from approximately 5 to 26 years with its five largest suppliers to date, thus enabling the Group to ensure a stable supply of products.

Since 2007, the Group started tapping into the development of certain Own-Brand Products, the variety of which was gradually expanded. The Group was able to provide different choices of F&B and other products to the customers under over 200 Third-Party Brands, consisting of approximately 140 international brands and approximately 80 domestic brands, together with products under five major Own Brands, such as CED, Mega Fresh, Mega Food, Sayangku and Snowcat, covering various product types and price ranges. Specialty products, salt, frozen seafood, frozen meat, and pet care products, etc. under the major Own Brands further enlarged the brand and product portfolio and consumer base of the Group. The Group will continue to explore new brands and products that are expected to have growth potential and to diversify the product offerings.

Large and diverse customer base with a strong focus on large retail chains and channels
The Group has established and maintained a large customer base with more than 11,000 active customers over the years with a focus on well-established retail chains. Many of the Group's customers are established international retail chains and local retail chains which make purchases frequently and in huge quantities. As a result of the effort to diversify customer portfolio, the Group also serves F&B dealers and merchandisers, school canteens, hospitality and other customers. As at 30 April 2022, the Group had established long-term business relationship with the five largest customers during the track record period ranging from approximately 11 to 26 years. The Group achieved high customer retention rate with revenue generated from repeat customer accounts contributing over 90% of the total revenue during the track record period. With the large and diverse customer base as illustrated above, the increasing scale and complexity of the customers' business operation have driven demand for F&B products sourced from suppliers that scale up the procurement and other business activities, thereby growing the revenue. The Group also enjoys economies of scale and continues to optimise its cost structure and increase its profitability.

Expansive distribution network is strategically located and well equipped with temperature-controlled facilities
The Group's distribution network, which form the cornerstone of warehousing and logistics management services, can effectively facilitate the supply chain of F&B distribution and deliver products to more customers on a timely basis with delivery lead time as short as within 24 hours. The Group currently operated 12 warehouses strategically located in the major sales regions in Peninsular Malaysia, with designated storage capacity of approximately 25,600 CBM, nine of which are equipped with cold storage facilities with an aggregate of approximately 4,550 CBM mainly for storage of frozen food and dairy products. The Group also operated a fleet of over 140 self-operated logistics vehicles, of which approximately 100 are refrigerated trucks, which facilitate an effective and efficient flow of warehousing and logistics management operations.

Proven track record of financial performance
During the track record period, the gross profit margin of the Group showed an upward trend, with the gross profit margin in FY2021 reaching 14.1%. Gross profit amounted to approximately RM94.5 million (equivalent to approximately HK$181.7 million) in FY2021, representing a year-on-year increase of approximately 18.5% from FY2020. Adjusted net profit also rose by approximately 29.9% year-on-year from FY2020 to approximately RM28.6 million (equivalent to approximately HK$54.9 million) in FY2021. (2)

RM'000(approximately) FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 4M2022(As at 30 April)
Revenue 497,435 564,632 668,738(equivalent to approximately HK$1,286,035) 266,652(equivalent to approximately HK$512,792)
Gross profit 66,187 79,733 94,508(equivalent to approximately HK$181,746) 38,753(equivalent to approximately HK$74,525)
Gross profit margin 13.3% 14.1% 14.1% 14.5%
Adjusted net profit* 17,686 21,985 28,562(equivalent to approximately HK$54,927) 13,556(equivalent to approximately HK$26,069)
Adjusted net profit margin* 3.6% 3.9% 4.3% 5.1%
* Adjusted net profit was calculated based on the profit for the year excluding listing expenses during the track record period

During the track record period, the Group recorded ongoing growth in revenue, gross profit and adjusted net profit. At the same time, gross profit margin and adjusted net profit margin also continued to rise.

Experienced and dedicated senior management team
The Group has an experienced, dedicated and capable management team led by the executive Directors, the Soon Brothers, who have been instrumental in spearheading the growth of the Group and have over 30 years of experience in the business of distribution of F&B products in Malaysia. They are responsible for the overall business strategy, planning, operational and sales management and development of the Group. In addition, the Group has a loyal, experienced and capable senior management team with extensive operational expertise and in-depth understanding of the F&B distribution industry in Malaysia and is able to establish a high degree of product differentiation and a broad brand portfolio.

Future Growth Strategies
Further enhancing distribution and sales capabilities by investing in cold chain and other infrastructure
During the track record period, the Group's revenue generated from frozen food and dairy products represented approximately 50% of the total revenue. Both frozen food and dairy products are sold by the Group under, in addition to Third-Party Brands, Own Brands or on a White-Label basis which generally have a higher profit margin as compared to the distribution and sales of Third-Party Brand Products. Going forward, the primary business strategies of the Group should pivot around enhancing the cold chain warehousing and logistics capabilities and management. The Group plans to (i) set up a new warehouse with cold storage facilities and upgrade the self-owned warehouses with advanced features; (ii) acquire and upgrade cold and other logistics vehicles; (iii) enhance cold chain and other management and information systems.

Apart from cold storage facilities, the expected increase in designated general storage capacity would also facilitate the optimisation of the storage space and enhance the efficiency in sales of the products that are stored under general condition and improve the operational results.

Enhanced development of Own Products
Own Products and White-Label Products generally enjoy a high gross profit margin, which drives the expansion of relevant segments. The Group plans to develop the business of the Own Products and White-Label Products by purchasing new processing machines for processing so as to take up more orders, save labour costs and enhance processing efficiency. The Group will also conduct marketing and promotional activities of the Own-Brand Products to further conduct media marketing and engage with more potential customers.

Development of e-commerce business by launching a mobile application
Owing to the large and diverse customer base with more than 11,000 active customers, the Group receives and processes a large number of orders from various types of customers every day. To streamline the ordering process and in line with the market trend, the Group plans to develop the e-commerce operations by engaging an external party service provider to design and customise a mobile application. The Ordering App is expected to be launched and put into use by the fourth quarter of FY2023 and it is expected to create a more convenient and pleasant purchasing experience for customers and enhance the efficiency of the Group.

Strategic acquisitions and investments along the supply value chain
In view of the expected growth in the F&B distribution industry in Malaysia, the Group plans to continue to expand the business and explore potential business opportunities by acquiring majority or entire shareholding of, or investing in, local company(ies) or acquiring business(es) in the F&B supply value chain, including horizontal and vertical acquisitions and investments.

Use of proceeds
Based on the Offer Price of HK$0.54 per Share (being the mid-point of the indicative Offer Price range of HK$0.52 to HK$0.56 per Share) and assuming the Over-allotment Option is not exercised, after deducting estimated underwriting fees and other expenses, net proceeds from the Global Offering are estimated at approximately HK$86.0 million. The Group currently intends to use the net proceeds from the Global Offering for the following manner:

Applications / Percentage
— To further enhance the distribution and sales capabilities by investing in cold chain and other infrastructure
— To develop the Own Products business by acquiring new processing machines and conducting marketing and promotional activities 18.0%
— To develop e-commerce business by launching a mobile application 7.0%
— For strategic acquisitions and investments along the supply value chain 17.2%
— As general working capital 10.0%

Cornerstone Investment
The Group has entered into cornerstone investment agreements with four cornerstone investors separately, namely Mr. Tee Kian Heng, Huihuang Resources Limited, Dato' Sri Ng Chong Keong and Dato' Sri Pek Kok Sam (each a "Cornerstone Investor" and together the "Cornerstone Investors"), pursuant to which the Cornerstone Investors have agreed to, subject to certain conditions, subscribe for such number of Shares (rounded down to the nearest board lot of 5,000 Shares) at the Offer Price, which may be purchased with an aggregate amount of approximately HK$47.0 million. The Group believes that introducing the Cornerstone Investors to the Global Offering and securing the subscription of a significant number of Offer Shares will set a solid platform for the launch of the Global Offering by demonstrating the Cornerstone Investors' confidence in the Global Offering.

Swang Chai Chuan Limited
Swang Chai Chuan Limited is one of the top 5 companies* in Malaysia F&B distribution industry and is an established distributor of F&B and other products for recognised international and domestic third-party brands and own brands. Swang Chai Chuan Limited also provides suppliers with warehousing, logistics, sales and marketing support and other value-added services
* In terms of revenue in 2021, according to Frost & Sullivan

Capitalised terms used herein shall have the same meanings as those defined in the prospectus dated 8 August 2022, unless the context otherwise requires.

Media enquiries:
Strategic Financial Relations Limited
Veron Ng Tel: (852) 2864 4831 Email:
Mel Lai Tel: (852) 2864 4855 Email:
Aggie Fang Tel:(852) 2114 4987 Email:

(1) In terms of revenue in 2021, according to Frost & Sullivan
(2) These amounts are converted from Malaysian Ringgit to Hong Kong dollars or Hong Kong dollars to Malaysian Ringgit at an exchange rate of RM0.52 to HK$1.00. No representation is made that Malaysian Ringgit/Hong Kong dollars amount have been, could have been or may be converted to Hong Kong dollars/Malaysian Ringgit at that rate or at all.


1. This press release is for information purposes only and does not constitute or include any recommendation or invitation or offer (nor is calculated to invite such a recommendation, offer or invitation) by any person for acquisition, purchase or subscription of the securities of the Company nor does it intend to act as a recommendation of the sale of securities or any invitation or offer for acquisition, purchase or subscription of securities. This press release should accordingly not amount to an advertisement or invitation within the meaning of section 103(1) of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Chapter 571 of the Laws of Hong Kong) or a prospectus or an extract from or abridged version of a prospectus within the meaning of sections 2 and 38B, respectively of the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Chapter 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong). Investors should read the prospectus of the Company for detailed information about the Company and the proposed offering before deciding whether or not to purchase any securities of the Company. An application to subscribe for the shares referred to in this press release by any persons shall be made solely based on the prospectus and the application forms to be issued by the Company on 8 August 2022.

2. No application for the shares of the Company should be made by any person nor would such application be accepted without the completion of a formal application form or other application procedure that is issued with or in respect of the prospectus.

3. The directors of the Company collectively and individually accept full responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this press release and confirm, having made all reasonable enquiries, that to the best of their knowledge and belief, there are no other facts the omission of which would make any statement herein misleading.

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Lab-Grown Diamond Facility in Singapore to Commence Commercial Production

Singapore, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – SGX-listed Metech International Limited ("Metech" or the "Company", and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), is pleased to announce that the lab-grown diamond facilities in Singapore of its joint venture company, Asian Eco Technology Pte. Ltd. ("Asian Eco"), can commence commercial production, following the receipt of the fire safety certificate issued by Singapore Civil Defence Force.

A pilot test of the lab-grown diamond facilities has been successfully completed.

As announced previously, Asian Eco entered into a 3-year lease agreement for an industrial property located at Kallang for the production of lab-grown diamonds.

A wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhongxin Minghua (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Nolash (Shanghai) Pte Ltd.), is now a registered member of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange with effect from 13 July 2022.

Growing Industrial Applications of Lab-Growth Diamonds

Diamonds are more widely known to be used in jewellery but diamonds are also commonly used for industrial applications in oil & gas, medical equipment, aerospace, among others.

With an impressive combination of chemical, physical and mechanical properties that are ideal for a wide array of industrial applications, there is increasing commercialisation of scientific discoveries for the industrial applications of diamond in the next generation of semiconductors, aerospace, electric vehicles, medical equipment, among others.

To harness such opportunities, Asian Eco has previously entered in various memorandum of understandings and collaboration agreements with strategic partners and prominent institutions in the areas of research and development and commercialisation.

Commenting on the commencement of Asian Eco's commercial production of lab-grown diamonds in Singapore, Ms. Samantha Hua, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Metech, said: "This is a major milestone in our business strategy, accelerating our growth ambitions within the global lab-grown diamond industry that continues to exhibit positive growth prospects with its sustainability features.

Aligned with the macro trends of the global lab-grown diamond market, we aim to progressively scale up our production capabilities in Singapore and harness new opportunities."

About Metech International Limited
(Bloomberg: CENR:SP / Reuters: METE.SI / SGX Stock Code: V3M)

Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, Metech International Limited ("Metech") has a multi-pronged business model that aligns with the macro trends in the area of environmental and sustainability.

While proactively evaluating new business opportunities to broaden its business model, Metech continues to build on its capabilities and extend the value propositions of its business units.

Media & Investor Contacts:
This announcement has been prepared by the Company and reviewed by the Company's Sponsor, Novus Corporate Finance Pte. Ltd. (the "Sponsor"), in compliance with Rule 226(2)(b) of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the "SGX-ST") Listing Manual Section B: Rules of Catalist.

This announcement has not been examined or approved by the SGX-ST and the SGX-ST assumes no responsibility for the contents of this announcement, including the correctness of any of the statements or opinions made or reports contained in this announcement.

The contact person for the Sponsor is Mr. Pong Chen Yih, Chief Operating Officer, at 7 Temasek
Boulevard, #18-03B Suntec Tower 1, Singapore 038987, telephone (65) 6950 2188.

Issued on behalf of Metech International Limited by 8PR Asia Pte Ltd.
Mr. Alex TAN
Mobile: +65 9451 5252

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The 3rd Asia Digital Talent Summit 2022

Singapore, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation of enterprises and spawned the vigorous development of the digital economy, the Asia-Pacific region has stepped into digital age. With the acceleration of digitalization in the region, the demand for digital talents is also rising. According to reports, the number of global digital jobs will increase from 51 million in 2021 to 190 million in 2025, and the Asia-Pacific region will face a shortage of 47 million digital talents by 2030.

The 3rd Asia Digital Talent International Summit 2022 will focus on the Asian talent market, combine case sharing, and conduct in-depth discussions on hot topics such as digital upskilling and reskilling, digital talent cultivation and development, digital talent recruitment, digital capability models, and digital leadership. It aims to build core competitiveness for enterprises and facilitate them to win the talent war in the digital age.

Summit Time / Address:
September 5-6,2022 / Singapore

Hot topics

– 2022 Talent Trend in Asia
– Digital Capability Model for Next Generation Talent
– Winning in the Digitization Race – Building Up a Digital Talent Strategy
– The Strategy Roadmap of Digital Talent for Industrial Manufacturing
– Digital Leadership: The Key to Digital Transformation
– Bridging Digital Skills Gap with Immersive Learning Platform
– Panel Discussion: What Can Organizations Do to Narrow the Digital Talent Gap?
– Glancing at Lighthouse Factory: How to Build Digital Skills and Knowledge to Enable Employees to Work Effectively in the New and Digital Environment
– Talent Upgrade and Transition Under the Background of Automotive "New Four Modernizations"
– Best Practice: How to Improve Talents Digital Capability to Meet the New Demand of Digital Transformation
– Talent Attraction and Retain in the Digital Age
– Intelligent Talent Management System Enable Your Organization
– Wining in the VUCA Age—Cracking the Culture Code for Successful Digital Transformation

About ECV International

With a team of 100+ professionals specialized in events planning and execution, we held 60+ high-level online & in-person international summits around the world per year.The theme of the events involved in the fields of Vehicle,Energy, Manufacturing, Apparel & Textile, Footwear Industry,Digital Marketing,Carbon Neutral, Sustainability Development, Supply Chain, Finance,Digital Talent, Steel,Cyber Security and other traditional and emerging technology industries. We have served more than half of the Fortune 2000 companies and with 6000+ executives and delegates from top-notch corporations take part in our events each year.

We have successfully organized a number of industry-influential events through in-depth industry insight, well-managed customer relationship.Our mission is to provide professional services, connect and inform stakeholders the latest industry trends and best practices, and build a high-value social platform for industry executives. Help enterprise decision-makers meet challenges, seize opportunities and achieve efficient development and create more value.

Official website of the Summit:

Wes Wei
Tel: +86 -21 – 8026 0707 ext 803
Phone: 13271915990 (WeChat)

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HKTDC welcomes measures to ease quarantine restrictions

HONG KONG, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) welcomes the Hong Kong SAR (HKSAR) Government's relaxation of entry quarantine measures, which will have a positive impact on Hong Kong's economic recovery and strengthen the city's international competitiveness. The HKTDC has been supporting Hong Kong's small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and with the latest easing of quarantine measures, has set five key strategies to help SMEs capture business opportunities.

Dr Peter KN Lam, Chairman, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, said, "The new HKSAR Government brings new hope to the people of Hong Kong. We welcome the HKSAR Government's announcement to ease quarantine measures which strike a balance between public health and economic recovery. I believe this latest development sends a positive signal to the global community and will help drive Hong Kong's economic momentum and strengthen the city's international competitiveness.

"As President Xi Jinping had said, Hong Kong should ride on its unique advantage as an international connector with the support of the mainland behind it. I am grateful for the support of the Central Government for Hong Kong. By aligning the HKTDC's five key strategies with the mainland's 14th Five-Year Plan and the HKSAR Government's policies, we can help our SMEs and start-ups turn crisis into opportunity and create prospects for our young people."

HKTDC's five key strategies for 2022/23 are as follows:

1. Promote sustainable development, innovation & technology and wellness – The HKTDC will organise industry fairs and conferences to promote Hong Kong's achievements and strengths in sustainability, innovation and technology, as well as medical and wellness industries. These elements will be featured across our major international industry events, with matchmaking for projects from the above sectors to promote commercialisation and investment opportunities for global business as well as SMEs. Relevant conferences and exhibitions include the Asia Summit on Global Health (10-11 November, 2022) the Asian Financial Forum, Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference, Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), and Eco Expo Asia, among others.

2. Promote emerging industries and create synergy with traditional industries – The HKTDC will promote Hong Kong's strengths in emerging industries, including medicine and healthcare, innovation and technology, creative and cultural industries and environmental industries, while creating synergy with the city's core pillar industries, such as finance, logistics, intellectual property and manufacturing. For example, these platforms can match R&D technology with enterprises or match creative sectors with traditional manufacturers. The newly launched "Exhibition Plus" digital service also enables buyers and sellers worldwide source effectively through seamless online and offline connection and matching, and ample opportunity for interaction before and after trade fairs.

3. Facilitate Hong Kong businesses in exploring markets – The Mainland China market, especially the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) is our key focus. The HKTDC launched the GoGBA one-stop platform in 2021 and the "Support Scheme for Pursuing Development in the Mainland" in April 2022 to help Hong Kong businesses address pain points when entering or operating in Mainland China respectively. For companies tapping into overseas markets, we support them with a focus on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) markets (covering Hong Kong's major trading partners, such as ASEAN, Japan and Korea) and mature markets, such as Australia and New Zealand, with whom Hong Kong has established Free Trade Agreements. Through events, such as the Belt and Road Summit in August and through the HKTDC's network of 50 offices around the world, we actively work with governments, business communities and enterprises to promote and reinforce Hong Kong's position as an international business hub.

4. Strengthen support for SMEs and start-ups in Hong Kong, including making use of government funding – We support SMEs and start-ups by providing information, large-scale online and offline events and promotion platforms, as well as training programmes, such as Start-up Express for start-ups, Transformation Sandbox (T-Box) for SMEs and GoGBA for companies entering the GBA. The HKTDC also works closely with the HKSAR Government to enhance government funding schemes, including the SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF), Convention and Exhibitions Subsidy Scheme (C&E), the Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD Fund) and the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP).

5. Align with two priorities of the new HKSAR Government: (i) promote Hong Kong as a platform for cultural exchange and (ii) enable development opportunities for youth – (i) The HKTDC will promote Hong Kong as a hub for cultural exchange between Mainland China and the world and create business opportunities for the cultural and creative industries through our exhibitions and promotions. (ii) The HKTDC will also focus on promoting collaboration between business and youth organisations by using our industry platforms. Our Trade Ambassador Programme (TAP) offers Hong Kong young people opportunities for exchange, learning and participation at international events, such as the Belt and Summit (August 2022), which will include a thematic forum focusing on young entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurship. By creating opportunities, the HKTDC hopes to create opportunities for young people to contribute to Hong Kong and the mainland.

Since the beginning of 2022, the HKTDC has held 13 exhibitions and conferences. The Hong Kong Book Fair in July was a highlight, recording 850,000 visitors. This was followed by two jewellery fairs and the new Simply Shopping Fest, which opened up local retail opportunities for exhibitors. This Thursday (11-15 August) will see the Food Expo and concurrent tea, home and beauty and wellness fairs generating more opportunities. In 2021/2022, the HKTDC organised 37 physical, online and mixed mode events, including trade fairs and conferences and public fairs. More than 8,800 local and overseas exhibitors, 488,000 trade buyers and conference participants and over 1.6 million members of the public joined these events.


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body established in 1966 to promote, assist and develop Hong Kong's trade. With 50 offices globally, including 13 in Mainland China, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a two-way global investment and business hub. The HKTDC organises international exhibitions, conferences and business missions to create business opportunities for companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in the mainland and international markets. The HKTDC also provides up-to-date market insights and product information via research reports and digital news channels. For more information, please visit: Follow us on Twitter @hktdc and LinkedIn

Media enquiries
Please contact the HKTDC's Communications and Public Affairs Department:
Sunny Ng, Tel: +852 2584 4357, Email:
Sam Ho, Tel: +852 2584 4569, Email:

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Hector Network Partners with Borussia Dortmund

Bristol, UK, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Hector Network’s recent announcement that they are a champion partner of BVB, one of the most iconic and loved Bundesliga teams in Germany, is a massive achievement for the company. Borussia Dortmund is one of the most traditional and popular German football clubs. Founded in 1909, BVB boasts more than 10 million fans within Germany and, in addition, also looks to a rapidly growing fan base worldwide. The eight-time German champions and five-time DFB-Pokal winner was in 1966 the first German club to win a European Cup competition. BVB also became the first Bundesliga club to win the UEFA Champions League in 1997, followed by the Intercontinental Cup in the same year. With a turnover of over 400 million Euro, Borussia Dortmund nowadays is also one of the economically strongest football clubs in the world. Borussia Dortmund is an incredibly desirable partner with well-established stars playing every game, an enthusiastic fan base, and an internationally recognized brand.

For Hector Network, the importance of this deal cannot be overstated. Live televised games, massive social media presence, and unparalleled visibility mean the partnership with BVB will catapult Hector Network beyond the crypto-community into mainstream recognition. The association also promises to open up a world of business growth opportunities for the company, broadening their networking sphere and giving them access to high-profile industry events. The team has already begun making connections, which will continue as the season progresses.

Members of the Hector Network team recently had the privilege of touring the incredible stadium and meeting face to face with members of the BVB marketing team to finalize the partnership details. The experience of walking through the hallowed stadium was a true honor, and engaging with their BVB counterparts in person has inspired the Hector Network team, more than ever, to make the most of this exceptional opportunity.

Hector Network will be bringing the BVB experience to their community as well! There will be ticket giveaways for every regular match this season, home game and away. Additionally, tons of giveaways for fans and community members for whom travel would be tricky, including merchandise, special events, unique personalized experiences, and so much more. Later in the season, there will also be some substantial grand prizes to be won!

In the meantime, the Hector Network team is busy ensuring that every aspect of this partnership is maximized to its fullest potential. They will be focused heavily on community engagement and exposure. Hector Network is incredibly proud to join the BVB family, and they cannot wait to start interacting with the football team’s exceptionally dedicated fanbase.

To find out more about Hector Network, visit the official website:

Social Links
Telegram Announcement:

Media Contact
Henry Davis, Hector Network

SOURCE: Hector Network

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New Power to Legend Capital Carbon Neutral Investment Portfolio: Ruicycle Raises Over RMB 300 Million from Series B

HONG KONG, Aug 8, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Shenzhen Ruicycle Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (also known as Hengchuang Ruineng), a battery recycling company, recently accomplished the B round of fundraising with over RMB 300 million, which is backed by Legend Capital. This round of fundraising will be mainly used to improve the development of the echelon utilized product series, the construction of new energy retired lithium battery recycling capacity, and the expansion of new lithium battery wet recycling technology.

Founded in 2017, Ruicycle is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to "Making New Energy a Truly Green Energy", deeply engaging in the field of recycling and comprehensive utilization of retired power batteries. It is committed to pursuing the concept of green and low-carbon development. Directing at the end of the new energy industry, Ruicycle has built an industrial ecological closed loop of large-scale automatic safe crushing, zero-pollution treatment, and high-efficiency recycling of lithium batteries based on the core technologies of lithium battery echelon utilization, material regeneration, and new material regeneration. Meanwhile, centering on the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policies, Ruicycle has achieved the traceability of carbon footprint and the quantification of carbon reduction, continuously making contributions to low-carbon development for the new energy industrial chain.

In 2020, Ruicycle was granted the qualifications of "Echelon Utilization White List" and "Recycling Utilization White List", becoming the fully licensed enterprise in the lithium battery recycling industry. Ruicycles revenue exceeded RMB 1 billion with a CAGR of over 100% in 2021. Now it has been recognized as the first echelon enterprise in China's power battery recycling and comprehensive utilization industry.

Ruicycle is the world-first company devoting intelligent management of temperature-sensing cameras to the retired battery storage field. It has established industrial bases for echelon utilization and recycling in Huizhou, Jiangmen, and Ganzhou, respectively, achieving a recycling capacity of 150,000 tons per year of retired power batteries. At the same time, Ruicycle has also been cooperating with Legend Capital's portfolio company Milkyway, a leading dangerous chemicals logistics enterprise, to build a global leading ESG recycling system.

CHEN Zhipeng, the founder of Ruicycle, said: "We are a relatively young team. In keeping with the trend of the new energy era, we are eager to learn more from industry predecessors to root in the physical manufacturing industry more deeply. At the same time, we look forward to having more aspiring youngsters join us to create an efficient organization and together make contributions to the globalization of new energy industrialization experience.

Legend Capital's investments in the carbon-neutral field focus on energy decarbonization, vehicle electrification/intelligence, synthetic biology, etc. Energy decarbonization includes photovoltaic, wind power, and smart grid; vehicle electrification/intelligence includes lithium battery vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, battery recycling and others.

Legend Capital has long been optimistic about investment opportunities in the new energy vehicle industry chain and has invested in a number of automation equipment, lithium batteries, and materials companies, many of which went public successfully, such as Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment (300450.SZ), CNGR Advanced Material (300919.SZ), Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology (603659.SH), Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipments (688559.SH), Shenzhen Colibri Technologies (002957.SZ). At the same time, Legend Capital is also one of the early investors of CATL (300750.SZ).

About Legend Capital
Founded in 2001, Legend Capital is a leading VC&PE investor focusing on the early-stage and growth-stage opportunities in China, with offices across Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Seoul, Korea.

It currently manages USD and RMB funds of over US$10 billion in commitments, and has invested in around 600 companies, covering technology, healthcare, consumer, enterprise service and intelligent manufacturing sectors. Rooted in China, Legend Capital participated in the rise of many world-leading companies by solid investment coverage and systematic post-investment value-add. Over the years, Legend Capital has also become a widely recognized name in bridging key resources in China and overseas through cross-border activities, and a valuable partner to Chinese and overseas investors.

Legend Capital values long-term sustainable investment and incorporates ESG into its long-term development strategy. As a UNPRI signatory since November 2019, Legend Capital is among the first group of top VC/PE firms in China to join the initiative.

For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn @Legend Capital ( ).

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‘Gumball Dreams’ to have its International Premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival

LOS ANGELES, CA, Aug 5, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Internationally premiering at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, brought to you by the award-winning virtual reality production company Ferryman Collective and Screaming Color, their fourth VR production, Gumball Dreams is an Official Selection of the oldest festival in the world after having won the SXSW Audience Award XR Experience Competition.

Organised by La Biennale di Venezia and directed by Alberto Barbera, the 79th Venice International Film Festival will take place at the Venice Lido from 31 August to 10 September 2022.

“In Gumball Dreams, our character Onyx has been blessed with the opportunity to explore worlds, and to experience the very best that those worlds have to offer. The delicious metapoetry is not lost on me that this work appears to be bringing me and my team similar opportunities,” states Christopher Lane Davis, aka Screaming Color, “I’m beyond thrilled that we will have almost two weeks to romp around one of the most beautiful cities in the world, meeting some of the most genius creators alive, and getting to experience their art. And I’m endlessly grateful to the founders and curators of the festival for bringing us together in this way.”

Gumball Dreams is a live, hour-long immersive experience in virtual reality that takes three audience members on a fantastical journey through a surreal landscape in space, dominated by a whimsical Gumball Machine, where Onyx, the main character sits on their throne waiting. A powerful and intimate experience that allows us to discover a mythic world beyond the reaches of our reality.


You have been called by an alien creature named Onyx to a mythical planet on which they are living out their final days. You, and two others, are asked to help them transition from this reality to the next. Each interaction with this majestic creature is illuminating and fascinating as you are asked to delve into your past and share stories with your fellow travelers in moments out of time.

But before Onyx can lay infinite wisdom at your feet, the weight of your spirit must be assessed. If found ready, you shall embark upon the journey of a lifetime, skipping among the stars, floating above the spheres, and remembering who you truly are.

Greetings, Traveler.


Gumball Dreams is performed live with one actor playing multiple roles. Through the magic of VR technology, participants feel fully immersed in our 3D world.

“There are things that can be done in VR that can only be seen in the movies, however, with VR, we allow the audience to be immersed inside these 3D worlds, in a way that 2D mediums cannot achieve,” says Stephen Butchko “there is a sense of awe about the scope and scale of things that can be accomplished in VR.”


“This show was inspired by Club Gumball and Gumball Lounge, the existing worlds of Christopher Lane Davis, aka Screaming Color,” explains Deirdre V. Lyons, “with such beauty and grandeur, I felt this was the perfect environment to bring a new kind of story alive, almost as if it had been waiting for Onyx to step into the world and take a breath.”

Coming off the award-winning success of the festival darling The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite, Ferryman Collective continues to trail-blaze in this new storytelling medium. Ferryman Collective is also known for PARA and Krampusnacht, a finalist for the PGA Innovation Award.

“VR allows us to combine the centuries old traditions of theater and performance with exciting and boundary breaking technology to bring people into an entirely new world.” adds Whitton Frank.


Gumball Dreams is produced by Ferryman Collective and Screaming Color and is directed by Deirdre V. Lyons, Artistic Director, World & Animation Design by Christopher Lane Davis, a.k.a Screaming Color with support from Ferryman Collective members: Brian Tull – Producer, Braden Roy – Producer, Whitton Frank – Producer and Andy Aloisio – VR Consultant and Prefabs.

Coding – SnugDad.

Avatar Designer and Creator – Braden Roy and Brian Tull.

Screaming Color – Original Music and Sound Design.

Story by Deirdre V. Lyons and Christopher Lane Davis, aka Screaming Color. Inspired by the VRChat Worlds Club Gumball and Gumball Lounge, created by @screamingcolor.

The production team includes Deirdre V. Lyons, Braden Roy, Whitton Frank, Stephen Butchko, Brian Tull and Christopher Lane Davis, a.k.a Screaming Color.

Cast members include Brendan Andolsek Bradley (Onboard XR: Below Deck and Cruise, Resident Evil Village, The Haves and the Have Nots), Stephen Butchko (PARA, Krampusnacht, Welcome to Respite), Whitton Frank (The Under Presents, Tempest, PARA, Welcome to Respite), Kelly B Jones (Strikeback, The Letting Go, The Marine 2), Dasha Kittredge (The Under Presents, Tempest, Onboard XR), Deirdre V. Lyons (The Under Presents, Tempest, Welcome to Respite), Jonathan David Martin (Finding Pandora X, Loveseat, War Horse), Melinda Dekay (The Willows, Ashes, Torment) and Ona Zimhart (Alien Convergence, Cages).


Interviews and private showings of Gumball Dreams may be experienced by contacting the team directly with requests. (Meta Quest 2 or PCVR required for private showings.)


Social Media Links:

For questions please contact: Ferryman Collective

Press Release and Images: Press Kit_Gumball Dreams – Google Drive

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The 37th Edition of World AI Show Addressed the Necessity of Boosting AI Adoption in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – On 13 July 2022, Malaysia played host to a virtual conference with a wealth of AI, and future-tech related discussions. Trescon, the event's host, brought together more than 250 online participants, including important players in Malaysia's AI ecosystem like government officials, leading AI specialists, and solution vendors. Leading players in AI & Data space like Dataiku | Strateq, Denodo, Alteryx, TigerGraph, ServiceNow, ManageEngine and Snowflake gathered at the virtual conference to examine the prospects for AI in Malaysia.

A picture of the panel discussion from the World AI Show – Malaysia that was streamed live on July 13, 2022

The event focused on key topics such as:
– Leveraging digital transformation through Malaysia's AI national strategy
– AI & RPA: Accelerating the pace of digital transformation
– The democratization of analytics; transforming business with Artificial Intelligence
– How data virtualization accelerates machine learning and AI projects
– Leveraging intelligent automation: the role of AI and automation in ITOps
– Analyzing the growth of conversational AI in a post-Covid world and much more.

The event featured a ground-breaking alliance between specialists like:
– Ms. Sofia Paes – Data Policy Advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, Estonia
– Mr. Navin Sinnathamby – Head, AgTech, Sectorial Pilots & DroneTech, Ecosystem Development Division, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd (MDEC)
– Ms. Judy Nam – Principal Solutions Engineer Director, Dataiku
– Mr. Alexandre Hubert – RVP, Sales SEA, Dataiku
– Ms. Katrina Briedis – Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Denodo, Australia
– Mr. Teo Hong Sen – Solutions Engineer, Alteryx, Singapore
– Mr. Pranay Roy – Solution Engineering Manager APJ, TigerGraph
– Mr. Nilesh Timbadia – Chief Information Officer, The Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Malaysia
– Mr. Badril Abu Bakar – Deputy Director, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)
– Dr. Waqas Khalid Obeidy – Chief Innovation Officer, TheLorry, Malaysia
– Dr. Sasa Arvoski – Program Director AI & Robotics, Associate Professor, Raffles University, Malaysia
– Mr. Fawzi Bessaih – Head of Data Science, Airasia Singapore; to name a few.

The show kicked off with an opening keynote by Datuk Dr. Mohd Nor Azman Hassan, Deputy Secretary General Technology Development, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation where he shared his insights on, "Leveraging Digital Transformation through Malaysia's AI National Strategy."

Judy Nam, Principal Solutions Engineer Director, Dataiku spoke at length of "Defining a Successful AI Project: A Framework for Choosing the Right AI Use Case." She was quoted saying, "Data needs to be relevant complete, high quality have sufficient number of records compliant and be timely."

While speaking about "The Democratization of Analytics," Teo Hong Sen, Solutions Engineer, Alteryx mentioned that, "Companies are investing significantly in digital transactions, 99% in big data and 24% in AI shows reports in big data drivers."

The event also witnessed a panel discussion on the topic 'Accelerate Innovation using AI/ML, Cloud and Data Analytics' that was moderated by Nadiah Hanim Abdul Latif.

"Since AI brings up a wide range of possibilities, finding the correct business context for it is critical to achieving success. Innovations like artificial intelligence, however, must be contextualized and integrated into a business use case," says Mithun Shetty, CEO of Trescon.

The show was hosted on the virtual events platform Vmeets which helped the participants to network and conduct business in an interactive and immersive virtual environment. Participants were also able to engage with speakers in Q&A sessions and network with solution providers in virtual exhibition booths, private consultation rooms and private networking rooms.

World AI Show Malaysia was officially Supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), & officially sponsored by:
– Lead Sponsor – Dataiku & Strateq;
– Gold Sponsors – Denodo, Alteryx, ServiceNow & TigerGraph;
– Silver Sponsor – ManageEngine
– Bronze Sponsor – Snowflake

About World AI Show

World AI Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events taking place in strategic locations across the world.

It fuses top AI experts, enterprises, government representatives, data scientists, technology leaders, startups, investors, researchers, academicians, and global AI innovators – to discuss the latest challenges for the sector arising out of the pandemic situation.

About Trescon

Trescon is a global business events and consulting firm that provide a wide range of business services to a diversified client base that includes corporations, governments, and individuals. Trescon is specialized in producing highly focused B2B events that connect businesses with opportunities through conferences, roadshows, expos, demand generation, investor connect, and consulting services.

For further details, please contact:
Zeba Rashid
PR, Media & Corporate Communications, Trescon
+919555915156 |

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