Global IT Consultancy Firm Xebia Acquires coMakeIT To Support Clients’ Continuous Innovation

Hilversum, the Netherlands, Jun 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Xebia, global IT consultancy firm, acquires software product engineering company coMakeIT to support clients' continuous innovation and business growth.

coMakeIT, founded in the Netherlands in 2006, helps product and software companies thrive by providing software product expertise, people and tools needed to meet ambitious objectives. Today, the company's primary focus is on product software companies creating the right mix of technology and teams support with the right talents so that its clients can achieve sustainable growth. CoMakeIT has profound knowledge of software development, product engineering, application modernization, digital transformation, and recruitment and operates from offices in the Netherlands, the UK, India, and Australia.

Xebia is a fast-growing digital leader known for helping companies worldwide digitally transform by offering high-quality IT consultancy from its offices in the Netherlands, India, the UK, US, and Dubai. The company has successfully launched several brands and continues to expand in line with its 'buy and build' strategy: partnering with thought leaders to gain additional footing in the digital space together. With coMakeIT, Xebia looks forward to expanding its managed services capability and having the resources to accelerate its clients' software development.

Steven ten Napel, CEO and founder coMakeIT: "We are extremely value-driven. Just like Xebia, at coMakeIT, it's all about 'people first.' Our company culture and field of work are very similar, which makes us a perfect match. Together, we will soon be able to better assist clients in overcoming scalability issues, implementing modern technology, and realizing growth."

Anand Sahay, CEO Xebia Global Services: "Xebia is an established leader in the Digital transformation, Software Engineering, Cloud, DevOps and Architecture space. Acquiring coMakeIT will help Xebia address the cloud native and platform development needs of ISV market and grow in that space globally. Together with coMakeIT, we clearly see complementary ability to create future ready products for our ISV customers and also develop innovative software for these platforms to help ISV's customers' needs. This creates a very strong proposition for ISVs and our ability to partner with them."

The right technology and the right talents are crucial for growth in a digital world. Acquiring coMakeIT will strengthen Xebia's long-term relationships with clients through comprehensive managed services, and coMakeIT will gain access to Xebia's in-depth knowledge of all digital transformation domains. Besides sharing the same values, both, originally Dutch companies, have experience expanding their presence to, for example, India, and will jointly continue to help businesses grow worldwide.

About Xebia

Xebia is a leading IT Consulting and Digital Technology company committed to deliver innovation and business excellence across the globe. It delivers digital solutions to global leaders for transforming their IT and Business Operations.

With nearly two decades of experience, it enables its clients through their digital journey by enabling them with informed decision-making through process level enhancements, intelligent data solutions, enhance their customer experience & journeys with new-age solutions and help strengthen their core with modern technologies such as AI/ML/Robotics, Microservices, Cloud-native apps and agile at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance. For more information, please visit us at

About coMakeIT

Headquartered in Baarn, Netherlands, and with offices in Australia, UK, and India, coMakeIT helps software businesses and enterprises to accelerate their product innovation, modernize aging applications, and productize best practices into new software IP. For more information, please visit us at

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HYPEBEAST LTD. (0150.HK) Sees Record Profitability Despite Covid-19 Challenges, Looks Ahead To Growth

HONG KONG, Jun 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The Board of Directors of Hypebeast Limited (Stock Code: 0150.HK) has announced the Group's annual results for the year ended 31 March 2021 ("FY2021"). Revenue for the year totaled HK$674.2 million; notably, revenues from the fiscal second half ("2H2021") were 36.2% higher than revenues recorded in the first half of the fiscal ("1H2021"), chiefly due to strength in recovery of the Media business heading out of the COVID-19 pandemic, both by way of volume of campaign execution and by way of increasing contract values. Media recovered steadily, with total signed contract value during FY2021 increasing by approximately 20% compared to FY2020.

The Group's net profits totaled HK$70.6 million, representing a year-on-year increase of 7.3%, chiefly due to cost control measures adopted by management during COVID-19. Notably, net profit from 2H2021 was HK$49.7 million compared to HK$20.9 million for the first half of FY2021, representing a significant increase of 137.8%. Net profit margin for 2H2021 was 12.8%, compared to 7.3% for 1H2021. Such trends primarily reflect a resurgence of the Media business from COVID-19.

"The pandemic has led to an expected downside in our overall revenue, but we are expecting strong growth as countries begin heading out of lockdowns especially in view of significantly improving revenue, gross and net profits in the second half of the fiscal." said Kevin Ma, Founder and CEO of Hypebeast Ltd. "We are very much positioned for growth, ready to make a strong recovery out of the pandemic and extend our reach. Looking forward, we will focus on regional market expansion, category diversification to accommodate growing non-endemic sectors such as gaming, technology and F&B, and accelerating conversion of our editorial readers and visitors into e-commerce and retail customers alongside other strategies."

Key takeaways from the financial results:

— The Group recorded strong revenue recovery most notably in 2H2021, with second half revenues totaling HK$388.8 million which represented an increase of 36.2% over revenues for 1H2021 of HK$285.4 million; total revenues were HK$674.2 million compared to HK$751.4 million for the prior year, which represented only a moderate year-on-year decrease of 10.3% despite significant COVID-19 pandemic-related impact in 1H2021;

— Total value in signed contracts for the Media segment increased by 20% during FY2021 as compared to the prior year;

— Media gross margin for 2H2021 was 57.6% compared to 50.4% for 1H2021, reflecting an overall increase in revenues and more efficient cost control. E-commerce & Retail gross margin for 2H2021 was 42.2% compared to 36.3% for 1H2021, reflecting a higher mix of products sold at full price;

— The Group delivered net profits of HK$70.6 million, a significant 7.3% increase compared to FY2020 – notably net profit from 2H2021 was 137.8% higher than net profit for 1H2021; and

— 12-month average website monthly unique visitors and aggregated social media following improved to 15.6 million and 26.2 million, representing a 0.7% and 12.4% increase over the last fiscal year, respectively. Such increases reflect overall trends in user following being more heavily social media focused.


— COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of advertising as global brands continue to allocate an increased proportion of marketing dollars to online advertising; the Group forecasts a positive effect on the Media segment going forward;

— COVID-19 pandemic-related disruptions in 1H2021 resulted in pent-up demand from brand partners for digital marketing services; the Group's strong second half results reflect increased investment in our services, and the Group expects this momentum to carry over to the first half of the next fiscal year ("1H2022") and beyond;

— Strength built upon opinion leadership over a loyal community of Gen Z and millennial user-customers coupled with healthy balance sheet and liquidity, streamlined business model, and competitive, unique 360-degree advertising services allow Hypemaker, our agency, to continue to stand out amongst brand advertisers and advertising agencies;

— Planned integration of our retail services with compelling and engaging content from our media platforms creates a powerful user-customer funnel for our e-commerce platform, allowing our loyal community of readers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience on an integrated site and/or app;

— The Hypebeast building in New York City is slated to open in 2H2021, which will integrate our flagship retail store, a coveted venue for activations and cultural events, as well as host our Group's US East Coast office; the Group plans to drive greater brand awareness and community building through this landmark location, which will benefit both Media and E-commerce & Retail segment growth within the U.S. region and globally; and

— Geographically and strategically well positioned to capture significant growth opportunities in both Media and E-commerce & Retail in Asia through leveraging the Group's brand popularity and high-profile networks – particularly, in South Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

For further details on the Annual Results performance, visit the Group's corporate website to view the full results announcement.

About Hypebeast Limited (Stock Code: 0150.HK)

Hypebeast Ltd. started from a sneaker website founded by Kevin Ma in 2005 to a publicly listed media company in 2016. With a total reach of over 44.6M users across all platforms, The media group boasts a global readership across Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and more, with the flagship platform available in five languages. The group has expanded its publishing brands to a wider scope in recent years, encompassing Hypebeast and its multiple content distribution platforms, HBX, our e-commerce and retail platform, and Hypemaker, our global agency.

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Wanchain Makes LTC Smart Contract Compatible, Adds Litecoin to Cross-Chain Blockchain Infrastructure

Singapore, June 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The Wanchain Foundation today announces that Litecoin is now fully integrated into its cross-chain infrastructure. Wanchain, the decentralised blockchain interoperability solution that connects the world’s isolated blockchain networks, is the only decentralised finance (DeFI) project that enables truly decentralised cross-chain transactions between isolated heterogeneous blockchain networks. Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure already supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wanchain, EOSIO, Binance Smart Chain and XRP Ledger. The addition of Litecoin reinforces Wanchain’s position as the world’s most advanced cross-chain solution.

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone around the world. Wanchain’s Litecoin integration allows LTC, a top-15 cryptocurrency by market cap, to be traded cross-chain and used with EVM-compatible smart contracts. Wanchain also recently added XRP Ledger to its cross-chain infrastructure to great acclaim, becoming the premiere option for XRP holders wanting to enter the world of DeFi. By enabling siloed blockchains to share value and data, Wanchain’s cross-chain solution is the key to the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Jack Lu, Founder and CEO of Wanchain says: “Litecoin is one of the world’s most important cryptocurrencies. It is also amongst the largest without smart contract capabilities. Wanchain and several of our enterprise partners are all very pleased at the prospect of what smart contracts and true decentralised cross-chain interoperability can bring to Litecoin and the blockchain community at large.”

Li Ni, VP of Business Development and Operations adds: “Wanchain’s Litecoin integration highlights the industry-leading skill of Wanchain’s development team. Connecting a truly heterogeneous blockchain like Litecoin to EVM-compatible chains like Ethereum, Wanchain and Binance Smart Chain without sacrificing any security or decentralisation is a true feat. Integrations like this one and XRP Ledger reaffirm Wanchain’s mission to connect all the siloed blockchains in the world. Wanchain is one step closer to being the Wide Area Network of the blockchain industry.”

LTC holders who want to take advantage of the world of DeFi can immediately begin earning high yields from a variety of staking and farming applications connected to Wanchain’s cross-chain infrastructure. One such application is Wanswap, the innovative cross-chain automatic market making decentralized exchange, which has already launched a farming pool for LTC.

About Wanchain

True DeFi is interoperable – Wanchain is the world’s premiere decentralised blockchain interoperability solution. Our mission is to drive blockchain adoption through interoperability by building fully decentralised bridges that connect the world’s many siloed blockchain networks. This cross-chain infrastructure empowers developers to build truly decentralised cross-chain applications to power the future of DeFi.

Media Contact
Company: Wanchain
Contact: Temujin Louie
Official website of Wanchain –
Use Wanchain’s cross-chain bridge –
Follow Wanchain on Twitter –
Find Wanchain on Facebook –
Join the official Wanchain Telegram group –

SOURCE: Wanchain

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SCCG Management and Kinectify bring Simplified KYC / AML Solution to US Gaming Industry

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jun 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Today, Stephen Crystal announced that Kinectify and SCCG Management have entered into an agreement to bring Kinectify?s new KYC and AML tools to the gaming industry.

Stephen Crystal, Founder, SCCG Management, said of the event, "We are excited to bring this set of business essential products to the casino and iGaming industry. This product, so well regarded by many in the casino gaming space, will bring a competitive solution to our high-risk industry."

Kinectify has ushered in a new era of risk management software for the gaming industry. Designed by AML practitioners, Kinectify enables organizations to know each and every customer and vendor, seamlessly streamline workflows, and centralize information. Addressing the impact Kinectify has on compliance programs, Ben Floyd, former SVP of AML, Caesars Entertainment said, "Kinectify is a game-changer for AML compliance. Designed by industry professionals with efficiency and the end-user in mind, this is a no-brainer for gaming companies."

Joseph Martin, CEO and Founder of Kinectify said, "We are delighted to team-up with Stephen Crystal and his group at SCCG Management to bring Kinectify to the gaming industry. For too long, the gaming industry has struggled with subpar compliance products that have limited their ability to serve their customers and grow. The impressive SCCG Management team filled with casino owners, regulators, and gaming practitioners further deepens Kinectify's expertise and product offering to the gaming space."

?Kinectify is a game-changer for AML compliance. Designed by industry professionals with efficiency and the end-user in mind, this is a no-brainer for gaming companies," says Ben Floyd, former SVP of AML, Caesars Entertainmentectify.

Kinectify, a privately held company based in Las Vegas, NV, has developed AML and KYC software to centralize risk management information and automate processes. Kinectify?s leadership includes gaming AML practitioners and executives from a range of high-risk industries.

SCCG Management is a consultancy that specializes in sports betting, iGaming, sports marketing, affiliate marketing, technology, intellectual property protection, product commercialization, esports, capital formation, M&A, joint ventures, casino management, and governmental and legal affairs for the casino and iGaming industry.

Stephen A. Crystal
SCCG Management
+1 702-427-9354


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Amplifying Her Voice

BERMUDA, Jun 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – You are cordially invited to join us for this Global Virtual Summit celebrating men who have empowered the voices of women & girls around the world as we discuss new paradigms in reshaping the global digital economy and celebrate the launch of The State of Women Podcast Network in partnership with The State of Women Institute, SHEQONOMI, and Women Investing in Women DIGITAL.

1. Inviting all global partners & leaders committed to the economic empowerment of women to join us for various strategic opportunities
2. Our 3-day event will engage women entrepreneurs & women owned enterprises build bridges for global international trade & commerce
3. Join us in setting a new global standard for the economic empowerment of women, especially small and large scale women entrepreneurs from leading economies, emerging markets, and industry thought leaders and mavericks leading Post-Pandemic Recovery.

Register here:

Global investment into women led companies has reached an all time low during 2020. We are seeing many innovative ideas come out of developing nations across the globe that deserve more visibility and connectivity with qualified investors and partners who can help them grow and scale. Amplifying Her Voice will serve as a global platform that will bring such stakeholders together from within Women Investing in Women Digital's virtual tribe to a broader global community of women entrepreneurs, investors, technologies, and industry professionals to accelerate both communication and unprecedented digital connectivity. This Roundtable will be the beginning of a series of conversations where professionals from within the global innovation ecosystem may listen, learn, and share best practices with the global women's entrepreneurship ecosystem where our global network of women investors and philanthropists will be invited. Your will have the opportunity to share your CALL's to Action from local, regional, and global standpoints that will hopefully be a starting for deeper conversations and partnerships leading to change, investment, impact, and transformation.

About Amplifying Her Voice (June 22-24, 2021):

We brought together thousands of women from around the globe for International Women's Day. We have learned from mothers around the world this Mother's Day. And this June 22 to 24, in honor of this Father's Day, we're inviting you to join us for the Amplifying Her Voice Father's Day "Stronger Together" Summit as we join forces with the fathers speaking up and fighting for gender equity, safety for all, full economic participation for everyone, and more–all while raising the next generation of empowered, ambitious, equality-focused young people.

Hear from the dads in our lives about gender roles, supporting children's gender expression, confidence, independence, the role of feminism in fatherhood and in men's lives, the importance and challenge of being allies to girls and women, navigating masculinity, mental health, preventing violence, fulfillment as fathers, supporting their partners, encouraging girls (and children of any gender) to pursue their dreams, the experiences of sons and daughters, and more.

The State of Women is an inclusive and gender-affirming organization. Amplifying Her Voice "Stronger Together" is in honor of Father's Day, but we welcome all voices. As a women's organization, our primary focus is on issues that affect women–including cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, genderfluid, and agender people. We welcome this opportunity to join together in conversation as we all learn now we can help one another feel truly heard, seen, understood, empowered–and amplified.

Each paid "Investing in Women" ticket supports 500 women to attend for FREE! We have 50+ countries represented so far and are looking forward to having a truly inclusive event for people of all genders, backgrounds, and experiences to learn and grow together. EVERYONE is welcome to listen, connect, and learn from our allies in the fight for gender equality. We never want cost to be prohibitive for any of our events or initiatives, if anyone is not able to afford a ticket, please email All sessions will be recorded and shared free of charge post event.

About Anu Bhardwaj

Founder Anu Bhardwaj is a serial social entrepreneur and philanthropist, listed on the 2020 Inc Magazine Global Top 100 Female Founders and one of 7 female Award Recipients of the 2020 Transform Fund from the Islamic Development Bank (from a pool of 5,000 applicants worldwide). Anu also co-chaired the 2nd Annual Blockchain for Impact Summit at the United Nations HQ in 2019, and is the founder of Women Investing in Women Digital with over 1M international followers, The State of Women Institute, and SHEQONOMI which has produced a suite of women-led and women focused podcast APPS on Android, iOS, and KaiOS.

About The State Of Women Institute

The State of Women Institute is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of women and girls through programs and initiatives that support the creation of various forms of digital media (including podcasts, video documentary, social media related, print, AR and VR). The State of Women Podcast Network, launching Spring 2021 on GooglePlay, Android, and KaiOS, encompassing 300 women podcasters from across five continents. The State of Women Institute will be partnering with Women Investing in Women DIGITAL, SHEQONOMI, and a long list of reputable global non-profits and change makers across 100+ countries worldwide in leading "Amplifying Her Voice" Global Virtual Summit in honor of Father's Day 2021.


SHEQONOMI is on a mission to bring women's voices to the main stage, and that alone has the power to change the trajectory of our entire planet. SHEQONOMI is a highly unique podcast platform – built organically by millennial women to serve 2 billion women globally, where content creation and listening are rewarded.

Contact: ANU Bhardwaj
Mobile: +18587367460

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Central Global Berhad Seeks Strategic Partnerships for Construction Projects

KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Main Market-listed Central Global Berhad's ("Central Global") shareholders have passed all the resolutions at the Group's AGM for the financial year ended 31 December 2021 held virtually today.

CGB executive chairman Dato' Faisal Zelman

Central Global shareholders passed resolutions to re-elect executive chairman Dato' Faisal Zelman, executive director Mr. Tobby Tan and independent director Mr. Lee King Loon to the board of directors. All three were appointed to the board on 26 February 2021. Shareholders also passed the resolution to appoint Baker Tilly Monteiro Heng PLT as the Group's auditors in place of the retiring auditors, KPMG PLT.

Central Global executive chairman Dato' Faisal Zelman said: "We are pleased that the virtual AGM went smoothly without any technical hiccups. We fielded questions from shareholders on the Group's outlook and prospects as well as our ongoing plans to expand the manufacturing and construction businesses."

"We shared at the AGM that the board is seeking opportunities for the construction arm through strategic partnerships as we believe that the landscape for the construction business is changing and that such partnerships are the way forward for us. We also spoke to shareholders about our plans to upgrade the machinery of the manufacturing arm in order to make the processes more productive and cost-efficient."

"We remain cautiously optimistic and will continue to monitor the changing outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic and make changes to daily operations accordingly with as little disruption as possible to the business. We are confident that the plans we are implementing will benefit the Group in the long-run."

Among Central Global's plans is an approved private placement of 18 million new shares to fund an upgrade of the manufacturing arm's capacity as well as funding for an existing construction project in Penang. Central Global was also awarded a construction project located in Lahad Datu, Sabah valued at RM101 million. The Group is currently in discussions for several construction projects.

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1982 Ventures Invests in Singapore’s First Wealthcare App HUGO

SINGAPORE, Jun 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – 1982 Ventures backs Hugo, a Singapore based digital wealth and savings app that helps Singaporeans develop healthy saving and investing habits. The Hugo app is now available in both Apple iOS and Google Play for iOS.

– Hugo raises $2 million (USD) in Seed round from 1982 Ventures and prominent family offices and angels
– Hugo's Wealthcare App gives customers control over their financial well-being and access to flexible savings and investment products
– Hugo recently launched its Gold Vault which makes investing in gold easy and accessible to all, with increments as small as S$0.01

Hugo has secured funding of $2 million (USD) from 1982 Ventures, prominent global and Singaporean family offices and angels. Hugo helps users develop healthy saving and investing habits that make financial security accessible to everyone in an easy and intuitive way. Founded in late 2019 by David Fergusson (CEO), Ben Davies (COO) and Braham Djidjelli (CPO), Hugo is positioned as the first Wealthcare App in the region.

David Fergusson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, of Hugo stated "Money is the biggest cause of stress and Covid-19 has only reinforced how financially unprepared most of us are. We are excited to introduce Hugo at a time when financial wellbeing has become so relevant."

Hugo's most unique feature is its Gold Vault and makes investing in gold easy for all. Hugo customers can buy or sell gold for as low as 0.01 SGD. Gold has always been a core investment for the ultra-wealthy and offers safety and wealth preservation in times of inflation and market turmoil. Hugo's Gold Vault is backed by physical gold stored in an accredited LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) vault and insured by Lloyds of London, giving savers the same protections as large hedge funds and private banks.

Herston Powers, Managing Partner, of 1982 Ventures said "Hugo is democratizing access to gold with a low fee product that is extremely thoughtful and approachable. Singapore is a perfect market to launch the next generation of digital banking and wealth solutions."

Hugo is on a mission to help users save more. Hugo customers benefit from Hugo's Gold Vault (gold investing), Roundup (auto savings), Money Pots (setting financial goals) and the Hugo Platinum Visa Debit Card.

Scott Krivokopich, Managing Partner, of 1982 Ventures stated, "Hugo is proving that fintech startups will win the digital banking race in Southeast Asia by launching the first Wealthcare App in Singapore. The founders have a long and deep history in the region with roots that trace back to the 1930s in Singapore. Hugo has the banking and regulatory experience required to protect customers and grow a sustainable business."

Hugo will use the funds to continue to enhance its offering with new customer-driven products and services. Hugo is also exploring market expansion in several Southeast Asian geographies and outside the region with local partners.

About 1982 Ventures
1982 Ventures is a Singapore-based VC firm focused on investing in early-stage fintech start-ups in Southeast Asia, investing in and supporting the best founders in positively impacting the future of financial services in Southeast Asia. 1982 Ventures is the partner of choice for international investors, corporates and fintechs to gain access to Southeast Asia. Feel free to reach out for more info on, and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Hugo
Hugo is a Singapore-based digital wealth and savings app that helps Singaporeans develop healthy saving and investing habits, ensuring financial wellbeing and providing access to gold to all. For more information visit

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Nucleus Vision Acquires Jiffy Charge to Create One of the World’s Largest Private Network

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Jun 21, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Nucleus Vision's acquisition of Jiffy Charge, a micro real estate marketplace company (similar to Airbnb for micro spaces) is well in tandem with its vision of enabling a private communication network, powered by micro DeFi Financing. This move comes quickly on the heels of NV 1.0's implementation in deploying a sensor-driven solution in the offline retail market place to capture vital customer identification and intelligence in real time in a precise physical place, enabling smart communication and driving commerce.

NV 2.0 is a step forward that completes the circle and utilizes the full potential of NV 1.0's technology capability, developed in-house. The acquisition of Jiffy Charge has opened up opportunities to acquire physical spaces for asset distribution, with an aim to build the world's largest communication network for customers and product inventory. One company already in the decentralized private network race is Helium.

NV 2.0's decentralized wireless private network will adopt the company's already existing IoT platform. Together, with NV 2.0's IoT assets layer and micro real estate platform, the solution can be deployed in almost any conceivable under-utilized micro real estate space globally – In malls, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations and even homes. The asset inventories range from vending machines, a micro warehouse box, micro rental units, cloud kitchens to digital screens and others.

NCash will function as a transaction token for network use and will draw value when people use the network for Wi-Fi/5G/IOT services or buy a product or service at any of its network's enabled micro real estate locations. Unlike the singularity in NV 1.0, one big advantage of NV 2.0 is that the revenue sources and business models now have a multitude of sources that will create value and utility for NCash.

NV 2.0 is also introducing mining and micro-financing that will empower the community to finance and own part of the network. This is a significant step forward from NV 1.0's business mandate and vision. While building the network, NV 2.0 will enable the miners to mine multiple coins. In addition, community members also have the option to operate as "pool managers" and earn service rewards for participation. In short, NV 2.0 will enable a community-powered infrastructure, opening up innumerable opportunities for communities to be an integral part of and benefit from the networks of the future.

The opportunity presents a $3.5 trillion 5G services market size yet to be unlocked, one that NV 2.0 is all set to capture, as it rapidly moves towards creating a modular business, onboard product and technology partners to build multiple use cases, while it focuses on its core technology in-house.

In terms of an organizational change, Abhishek Pitti moves to a Chairman role with focus on product and customer acquisitions, while Anoop Vootkuri, current CEO of Jiffy Charge will take over as CEO of NV 2.0 and drive community traction.

Media Contact
Company: Nucleus Vision
Contact: Media Team

SOURCE: Nucleus Vision

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Joy Spreader Plans to Adopt a Share Award Scheme through a Stock Repurchase Program

HONG KONG, Jun 21, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The Board of Joy Spreader (06988.HK), a Hong Kong publicly traded company, made voluntary announcement regarding its plan of adoption of Share Award Scheme through a stock repurchase program on June 21st, 2021.

The announcement says that the Scheme serves the purposes to recognize the crucial and remarkable dedications and contributions of certain directors, employees, consultants and advisers of the Company, as well as to incentivize them to retain longer term tenure with the Company, while to motivate them to endeavor for the future development and expansion strategy.

Analysts credit that the Company has delivered an impressive growth dynamics and positive momentum in the recent years, however, believe the current stock price fails to reflect the intrinsic value of the Company, while signifying the optimal time window to conduct a stock repurchase program for award shares scheme. The announced Scheme demonstrates the Board's genuinely confidence and resolutely determination of the Company's prospect, along with establishment a stable and long-term platform of mutual interests between the Company and selected participants, while further stimulates and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of management team and all employees, in order to empower the growth engine of the Company to fulfill the long-term missions and visions, and continuously improve the intrinsic value of the Company.

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Unscientific, Unrealistic and Imaginary Claims; a threat to peace in the South China Sea

MANILA, Jun 20, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Seas have acquired unparalleled importance in modern times owing to their trade routes and rich resource base. The territorial claims of sovereignty over the various unclaimed and disputed regions are thus on the rise fueling further conflict, friction and chances of the potential outbreak of violence. The South China Sea and its island chains are experiencing rising escalation and tension first-hand. The situation as it is in the South China Sea is very alarming owing to the power imbalance in the region. This shifted axis of power is concerning for the smaller states in South East Asia and a major threat to their territorial sovereignty.

The South China Sea and its island chains are experiencing rising escalation and tension first hand. The situation is alarming owing to the shifted axis of power, concerning for the smaller states in South East Asia and a major threat to their territorial sovereignty.

China's claim to the island chains is not new and has been there for a few decades now. The history of the claim can be traced to a map published at the request of Kuomintang Govt. based on the maps drawn by some private firms and cartographic books – the Map of the South Sea Islands, issued in 1947. The 9-Dash Line used by China to claim their historical right was drawn as a part of this map to illustrate the territorial extent of China. The Chinese claim at that time was though limited to small scattered islands in the South China Sea. The position of the Kuomintang Govt. on territorial extent was adopted by the mainland Govt. in China, and not having any background information on this, it maintained the islands within the 9-Dash Line: Nansha (Spratly), Sheesha (Paracel) and Zhongsha (an imaginary island group which has no physical existence and is actually a misinterpretation of Macclesfield Bank, a submerged feature in the South China Sea). China has never been able to justify the claim to these island groups primarily as they have never exercised sovereignty over them over an extended period of time and also due to the existence of non-factual and imaginary claims over fictitious islands.

UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) has clearly defined laws to define coastal and maritime boundaries, and per its laws, a 200 Nautical Mile Sea Floor as a part of the Continental Shelf of a State, with exclusive rights reserved for all individual states. Things began to get serious in 2009 when all of the countries in South East Asia implemented UNCLOS and align their respective claims and jurisdictions in accordance with international law. China reacted badly to UNCLOS as they knew if UNCLOS was implemented their Claim to the international China Sea would be defunct, and thereby China began the program to strengthen its presence and activity in the South China Sea, leading to more friction between China and smaller states. The situation worsened when China began to interfere in the special economic zones of smaller states and escalations were reported closer to the coasts of smaller states. The incident at Scarborough Shoal, a standoff between the Philippines and China, is one of the recent examples of the rising escalations and conflicts, and Chinese attempts to exercise jurisdictional rights as per the 9-Dash Line.

Growing Chinese interest in the sea trade routes has created friction points. China's interest in the Arctic is a major concern for many. Global warming has opened up the Arctic and is allowing ships to pass which means it is opening up new trade routes from East to West and vice versa. If the Arctic trade routes open, the South China Sea, which is the doorway for China to the Indian Ocean, Africa and Europe would have an alternative Maritime trade route via the Arctic. This has fascinated China, and China is concerning and aligning itself with the geopolitical and scientific developments related to the Arctic. However, the countries surrounding the Arctic are worried about the Chinese Navy and military build-up in the Arctic as happened in Djibouti-Africa. China will have a tough time convincing the states surrounding the Arctic about building ports even when the countries are divided over the opinion to allow China access to the Arctic. Russia and the United States are among the states who favour opening up the Arctic for naval and maritime trade activities, while states like Canada are concerned and against it as large parts of the Arctic are considered to be Canadian territory by Canada. The US is also concerned about Chinese dual use of technology for trade and military and this has made it difficult for China to establish ports with many countries in that area. Chinese Arctic policy can lead to the emergence of fresh flashpoints in the Arctic, given the divided opinion on access to the Arctic to China.

The growing conflict and escalation over marine water bodies make it imperative for the implementation of UNCLOS, especially in the South China Sea and elsewhere. The claim to the Island chains and subsequent friction between states can be reduced by not including the islands as an extension of the continental shelf of countries and thus the claim would not result in overlapping of maritime boundaries of states thus reducing the chances of a possible outbreak of violence by eliminating the zones wherein more than I state could exercise their exclusive rights. UN must involve itself and enforce the implementation of UNCLOS as abiding by International Law and give peace a sustainable chance to flourish.

* The Author: Professor Jay L. Batongbacal is Director, Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea (IMLOS) at the University of the Philippines (UP). IMLOS serves as the country's national centre for independent research and policy studies on maritime matters of interest to the nation and collaborates with a wide network of government groups, non-government organizations, academic institutions, and private entities within and across our country borders, covering the law of the sea, maritime affairs, and even territorial issues.

Professor Batongbacal was a member of the technical team that prepared and defended the Philippines' claim to a continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles in the Benham Rise Region, made in a Submission filed with the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) pursuant to the provisions of Article 76 of the Law of the Sea Convention. The CLCS recognized Philippine jurisdiction over the Benham Rise Region in April 2012.

Batongbacal obtained his LL.B. (1991) from UP College of Law, and Masters in Marine Management (1997) and Doctorate in the Science of Law (2010) from Dalhousie University in Canada, acquired under scholarship grants from the Canadian International Development Agency and the prestigious Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation, respectively.

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