Hylobiz Launches its Business in Indonesia in Partnership with Accurate and Brankas, Empowers M/SMEs with Improved Cashflow and Steady Growth

JAKARTA, Feb 3, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – The partnership of Hylobiz, a Vayana group company, with Accurate and Brankas would facilitate businesses in Indonesia with connected business software, especially accounting & POS (point of sales) and connected banking services supporting them with faster collections and strong cashflow for steady business growth.

With this, M/SMEs in the Southeast Asia market will see a positive transition. Businesses will be able to digitize invoices and collections overcoming the crippling issues related to cashflow and business growth.

With Accurate, Hylobiz shares a joint vision to enable Accurate's SME customers to achieve Cashflow and Compliance automation and thereby offer Credit (Embedded Trade Finance) through partner FIs, with Accurate ERP continuing as the customers' primary application interface.

"We (Accurate) are very happy to be partnering with Hylobiz. As we enter the modern era, we believe that everything must be efficient, everything needs to be fast. Hopefully accurate as business software especially Accounting Software & POS can be a solution for SMEs customers with a takeline #Bisnisjadimudah on developing their own business," said Yosep Stephen as CEO Accurate.

With Brankas, Hylobiz shares a joint vision to enable business growth for Indonesia's SMEs with cashflow automation by leveraging Open Banking technology.

"Embedded finance is set to have a massive impact on business innovation in the coming years, and we believe the use cases today are only just the beginning. We are excited to see the increasing usage of Brankas APIs by organizations across a variety of industries in Indonesia, and share Hylobiz' vision to drive faster collections for its customers," said Husni Fuad, Country Manager Indonesia, Brankas

Digitization of receivables, collections with payment links, automated payment reminders, automated reconciliations in real-time, and smart tracking of payments are some of the top and most needed features available with connected ERP and connected Banking capability established through the synergy of the trio.

Vishal Gupta, CEO, of Hylobiz, said, "Hylobiz has been addressing the cash collections, payouts, and real-time reconciliation for the businesses across India, UAE and the USA helping 250K businesses for growth on their cashflows. With Accurate and Brankas we aim to serve b2b SMEs in Indonesia better through ZERO process change, for faster invoice collections and embedded finance for their business growth."

About Brankas

Brankas is a leading global open finance technology provider. We provide API-based solutions, data and payments solutions for financial service providers (like banks, lenders and e-wallets) and online businesses. Brankas partners with banks to build and manage their open finance infrastructure, producing APIs for real-time payments, identity and data, new account opening, remittances, and more. With Brankas' secure open banking technology, online businesses, fintech companies and digital banks can use Brankas APIs to create new digital experiences for their users. Headquartered in Singapore.

Visit website: https://www.brankas.com/

About Accurate

Accurate is a business software to help people manage, monitor, and present their business financial reports easily.

Proven by 21 years of consistency and won top brand awards consecutively for 7 years, with outstanding features that will simplify business operational processes such as preparation management processes, recording and presenting more than 200 types of financial reports automatically, tax management and reporting, integration into various applications and other business support software and many more.

Accurate has served hundreds of thousands of businesses in various industries in Indonesia as their trusted Accounting Software and POS, with easily administer, manage, and as an easy financial system known for its features completeness and operational flexibility. This has led to Accurate Is widespread acceptance by trading companies, distribution companies, contractors, and manufacturing companies. Headquartered in Tangerang Selatan, Banten .

Visit website: https://accurate.id/

About Hylobiz, a Vayana group company

Hylobiz is a Fintech serving to simplify the processes in the B2B ecosystem and is currently operational in India, UAE, and the US and is now launching in Indonesia. With its Connected ERP and Connected Banking capabilities, the unified solution simplifies invoice collections and cashflow in the B2B space and simplifies working capital access. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra in India.

Visit Websites: https://hylobiz.id/, https://hylo.biz/

Media contacts:

Hylobiz, Perusahaan Vayana Group
Amit Parmar – (WhatsApp) +91 83901 08989
Arkin Dumais – (WhatsApp) + 62 85882567970
Email: amit@vayana.com, arkin@hylobiz.com

Bala Subramanian – +65 8157 3627(Whatsapp)
Email: bala.subramanian@brankas.com

Cinthya W Putri – +62 81381706036
Evan Mangundap – +62 82112433117
Email: cinthya.widayanti@accurate.id, evan@accurate.id

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FTX Trading Bankruptcy: Protecting Your Company’s Interests

NEW YORK, NY, Feb 2, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Zuber Lawler is representing entities who received investments from Alameda Research and FTX Ventures. Alameda Research and several other FTX-related entities have filed bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware. These multiple filings are all being administered under one matter, In re FTX Trading, USBC Case No. 22-11068.

Most first and second day motions have been heard and either have been granted or are currently pending. Things are moving forward.

On January 18, 2023, FTX debtors moved for an order authorizing and approving procedures for a sale or transfer of what they have termed as "de minimis assets."

FTX debtors define "de minimis assets" as investments and/or interests held by FTX debtors, including Alameda Research, in privately held companies, which (according to FTX debtors) can be easily separated from the debtors' core operations, will not disrupt the core operations, and will generate less value to the estate than other assets. FTX debtors state that the de minimis category includes approximately 185 investments made for $1 million and below, approximately 75 investments made between $1 million and $5 million each and approximately 40 investments made between $5 million and $25 million each.

Notably, FTX debtors state that they are in the process of a "strategic review" of the de minimis assets, including the potential for repurchasing of debtor interests by investees or other investors in these investments.

Although they have not identified these assets specifically, FTX debtors wish to have the court approve an established and expedited procedure for the sale/transfer of these types or category of assets, without the need of moving the court or getting court approval for each sale, but with the oversight of the Official Committee. Put in other words, they wish to get authorization to proceed with these individual sales "off line," and without the need of going through the motion procedure for each specific asset or asset group.

If Alameda Research or any other FTX entity invested in your company, that investment will likely be categorized as a "de minimis asset," subject to this motion, and will now be up for sale through the bankruptcy process. Through that process, you may be asked (compelled) to make public otherwise confidential information in order to facilitate the public auction or sale of those securities or assets. You may also be at risk of a competitor (or other unsuitable purchaser) buying an interest in your company, and in doing so, potentially obtaining other information and management rights. Even without such a sale of assets, you may now have questions around who you may need to provide information and notices to on an on-going basis, as well has who you may need to obtain consent from in order to take actions subject to restrictive covenants in your investment documents. The situation is even more complicated for issuers of SAFTs or other digital assets that may be subject to inconsistent regulation as a security (or not) across various jurisdictions (since the location of the purchaser may impact whether the SAFT/token issuer is subject to US securities law).

Zuber Lawler is in a unique position to provide the described representation. We have represented a large number of clients with operations across the entire scope of distributed ledger technology. Our clients include token issuers (fungible and non-fungible), digital asset platforms and providers of related services, as well as traditional companies (and government entities) who look to understand and enter the digital asset space. A large number of our clients are not domiciled in the United States and we are extremely familiar with the concerns these clients face. In fact several of our existing clients will be part of the ad hoc group. While we cannot make any promise of any particular result, we expect that we will be better positioned to provide the representation described above than any other firm in the United States.

If your company sold investment assets to Alameda Research or FTX Ventures, please reach out to Josh Lawler at Jlawler@zuberlawler.com to set a time for a short video conference to discuss specifics relating to your situation at no charge.

*Attorney Advertisement – Prior Results Do Not Guarantee a Similar Outcome.

For more information, visit https://ZuberLawler.com.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: https://PlatoAistream.com

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GenTwo Continues Growth Story, New Inflows of Over US$1 Billion

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, Feb 1, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – The international securitization specialist GenTwo celebrates its 5th anniversary and looks back on a fast-paced development. In 2022 the number of new products increased by 60% and international business doubled.

The business momentum of GenTwo and its subsidiary GenTwo Digital has progressively picked up since the company was founded 5 years ago in February 2018. The products issued on its platform recorded over USD 1 billion in new inflows, resulting in a surge in assets under services growth to USD 2.5 billion as of today, despite the challenging market environment in 2022.

The number of new products increased by 60% to a total of 900. This impressive growth underpins the ongoing high level of interest in alternative and digital investments among institutional clients around the world and Gen Two's expertise to provide flexible portfolio structuring for investors.

"We were able to broaden our customer base once again in 2022 nationally and are currently servicing clients in over 25 countries. The number of clients grew by almost 50%, even 100% on an international level," says Philippe A. Naegeli,Co-Founder, and CEO.

This success is also based on a solidly developed and diverse workforce with an above-the-industry F/M gender ratio of 35:65, with 21 nationalities, totaling up to 70 employees.

Patrick Loepfe, Founder and Chairman of the Board says, "A 2022 highlight was the extension of the offering for financial intermediaries to retail investors. This move will transform the market for alternative and digital investment products and marks another pioneering achievement for GenTwo."

The main focus of 2023 remains on the continuous improvement and build-out of the service platform and its further digitization and client-centric automation. Additionally, the company pursues its international growth strategy by further internationalizing its customer base, onboarding more financial institutions onto its platform, and growing its ecosystem for investors and innovators.

About GenTwo and GenTwo Digital

Zurich-based innovative securitization specialist GenTwo has invented a new generation of financial products. The company creates securitization platforms for asset managers, banks, family offices and venture capital investors, enabling professional investors to easily invest in bankable and previously non-bankable assets. The focus on off-balance sheet investment products solves the problem of declining margins and growth barriers for many financial market participants. New performance potential emerges through granting access to a theoretically unlimited world of asset classes. Institutional investors can use GenTwo's securitization solution to realize their own product and business innovations, to make any type of assets investable and to help shape new, sustainable markets. Private investors in Switzerland can now also benefit from these innovative products via their financial intermediaries, thereby giving GenTwo the opportunity to open and expand its customer base to retail investors.

About GenTwo Digital

GenTwo Digital is based in Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland. The subsidiary of GenTwo enables professional investors around the world, and now also private investors in Switzerland, to securitize all digital assets, including crypto assets, in securities on the traditional financial market via their financial intermediaries.

Web: GenTwo.com

Contact GenTwo
Simone C. Drill
Chief Marketing & Communication Officer
+41 79 207 33 49

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Avendus appoints Sumit Dayal as Independent Non-Executive Director in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Jan 10, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Avendus, one of India's leading institutional financial services companies, announced the appointment of Sumit Dayal as Independent Non-Executive Director in Singapore today. He will provide guidance and corporate governance oversight as a Board member to Avendus Capital Pte. Limited (Singapore).

Sumit Dayal

A seasoned banker with over 30 years of corporate and investment banking experience, spent 16 years as Managing Director and headed various business units of Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and Hong Kong. He also spent over 13 years in multiple roles in Bank of America across client risk and client coverage based in India, Singapore, and Hong Kong in the past.

Commenting on the appointment, Gaurav Deepak, Co-founder and CEO, Avendus Capital said, "We are delighted that Sumit has decided to join Avendus Singapore. We're confident that his exceptional experience and advisory will be of immense value to the franchise as we focus on making Singapore a strong base to grow our institutional franchise in Investment Banking, Institutional Equities and Wealth Management."

Sumit Dayal, Independent Non-Executive Director, Avendus Capital Pte. Limited said, "I am delighted to join Avendus. It's an institution that has been built on very strong fundamentals and one that I have admired immensely. I am looking forward to working with the firm to further deepen its linkages in the APAC region."

About Avendus

Avendus Group is a leading financial services firm with presence in the areas of Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Credit Solutions and Asset Management. Established in 1999 in Mumbai, India, Avendus is today present in 10 cities across India, US, UK and Singapore. Avendus partners with the Indian entrepreneur ecosystem to provide differentiated solutions that enable clients to meet their strategic aspirations.

Avendus Capital, the investment banking arm, is consistently ranked among the top investment banks in the country on the back of its in-depth domain understanding and a best in the class track record of domestic and cross-border transactions. Avendus' wide range of clients is testimony to its ability to serve its corporates throughout their life cycle — from growth stage funding to large-sized transactions and M&A advisory.

Avendus Capital Inc located in New York is an Avendus Group entity offering M&A and Private Equity syndication services to clients in the US.

Avendus Capital Pte Limited located in Singapore is an Avendus Group entity undertaking Fund Management business in Singapore.

For more information, please visit www.avendus.com.

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Experience the Future of Investment Banking with Finalis

SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK , Jan 4, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Finalis, a rapidly growing investment-banking-as-a-service platform for dealmakers, recently launched its state-of-the-art platform, Finalis Marketplace. The platform allows investment bankers, placement agents and M&A advisors to offer, find and promote deal collaboration with other dealmakers in real-time without the risk of revealing their clients' identity.

Finalis provides a unified white-labeled broker dealer platform that ensures a seamless experience for dealmakers. Sourcing, distributing, and executing deals at a faster rate has become a reality with Finalis Marketplace.

Founded by banking, compliance, data science, engineering and law experts, Finalis addresses a fragmented and rigid banking infrastructure that has not yet benefited from major advances in financial technology.

"With growing investment volumes, dealmakers across the globe are increasingly in search of a single platform that enables them to get complex transactions done as quickly and as cleanly as possible," said Finalis Founder and CEO Federico Baradello. "Finalis empowers dealmakers to win more mandates and close more deals. The Marketplace will become the go-to platform for all mid- to small-sized investment banks, businesses and global funds to promote, distribute and find opportunities in the private markets. We look forward to growing and enhancing the platform for bankers and our clients to capture more value and get the exposure they deserve."

"Finalis Marketplace is a game-changer for affiliates like me on the platform. I have met a number of impressive and accomplished dealmakers across various industries and geographies," said Daniela Messina, Managing Member at Portside Capital Solutions. "Finalis makes it easy and efficient to share deal flow, to connect and collaborate with others on the platform. The Finalis team goes above and beyond to help make thoughtful internal connections and I look forward to using the platform to continue achieving value for years to come."

Finalis Marketplace launched its beta version on March 21, 2022, has received great feedback and achieved outstanding results with over 600 deals in the platform, 250+ collaboration requests, with a total of $3 billion+ in deal transaction value open to collaboration. Through scalable white-glove solutions, Finalis Marketplace opens up significant deal value, giving bankers access to a marketplace that leverages the Finalis affiliate network.

About Finalis

Finalis is the leading platform enabling securities brokerages to operate legally and compliantly. The firm delivers a white-labeled regulatory affiliation and compliance back-office solution that supports a wide range of securities dealmaking including: M&A, capital raising, private placements, direct participation programs, fintech marketplaces, and alternative investment sponsors.

Finalis provides superior leverage to securities brokers with the Finalis Hub, which delivers a hassle-free deal management solution, and the Finalis Marketplace, which connects brokers with one another to gain insights and explore deal collaborations.

Launched in 2020 and growing rapidly, the San Francisco- and New York-based firm is on a mission to power dealmakers by building the world's largest securities brokerage platform. The Finalis platform currently handles transactions with more than $16 billion dollars in deal value, supports over 175 boutiques, and has more than 850 active mandates in the market. For more information, please visit www.finalis.com.

For more information, contact:
Victoria Hearne

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JP Morgan, Citi, BNP Paribas, Barclays, and Lloyds Banking Group make new strategic investment in operational risk management firm Acin

LONDON, Dec 15, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Acin, the global operational risk control data network, today announced it has closed $24 million in Series B funding from a strategic consortium of industry-leading banks, comprised of JP Morgan, Citi, BNP Paribas, Barclays, and Lloyds Banking Group.

The funding round was also supported by existing investors Notion Capital, Talis Capital and Fitch Ventures, the equity investment arm of Fitch Group.

This funding will enable further strategic product development in partnership with investing banks and existing clients. Additionally, it will enable Acin to expand and accelerate into new areas across the financial services industry.

Acin's platform empowers financial institutions to digitise their operational and non-financial risk analysis, using ground breaking data analytic capabilities. Acin has established a network that calibrates data and facilitates the sharing of best practice between firms, underpinned by a standardised library of risks and controls. The results revolutionise the understanding and management of firms' operational and non-financial risk positions accelerating their journey to become safer and more efficient. Minimising operational risk capital is a shared industry ambition and Acin's solution is a key building block.

Click on, or paste the following link into your web browser, to view the associated PDF document.

This information is provided by Reach, the non-regulatory press release distribution service of RNS, part of the London Stock Exchange. Terms and conditions relating to the use and distribution of this information may apply. For further information, please contact rns@lseg.com or visit www.rns.com.

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Investigation and analysis of the three major challenges and advantages of developing business in the GBA

HONG KONG, Dec 6, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKECIC) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) have, for the first time, jointly released a survey study (Hong Kong – the Business Platform to Capitalise on Greater Bay Area Opportunities in the Post-pandemic Era).

Dr Patrick Lau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC (L) and Terence Chiu, Commissioner, HKECIC (R)

Irina Fan, Director of Research, HKTDC

The report found that Hong Kong companies are facing three major challenges: low-price competition, unfamiliarity with the Mainland legal/regulatory regimes, and financing and customer credit risks. However, opportunities coexist alongside the challenges. The companies surveyed expressed that Hong Kong enterprises have considerable unique advantages in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) market, including Hong Kong's brand reputation and capacity to bring in high-quality foreign products. As such, Hong Kong companies are advised to make good use of their advantages and use the GBA as a springboard to further develop the huge domestic sales market in the Mainland, while diversifying the risks of relying on the international market.

Terence Chiu, Commissioner, HKECIC, said: "The HKECIC and the HKTDC have jointly conducted a research study for the first time as many parts of the world, including Hong Kong and the Mainland, see economic and trade activities gradually restarting. Given the uncertainty in overseas markets such as Europe and the United States, the domestic market in the Mainland can provide another option for Hong Kong companies, with the GBA being the ideal springboard. The HKECIC has always attached great importance to the Mainland market and began to underwrite buyers decades ago, and indeed the Mainland is now our biggest insured market after the United States. Riding on the development of the GBA, we will continue to support Hong Kong companies to seize the opportunities offered through the dual circulation strategy that can help them develop their business in the Mainland market."

Dr Patrick Lau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC, said: "With a GDP of about US$1.96 trillion and GDP per capita of over US$22,500, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao (GBA) is clearly a bright spot for business growth amid challenging market conditions affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical issues, interest rate hikes and inflation. The HKTDC has been strongly advocating the GBA, and our GoGBA digital platform has reached a viewership of more than 590,000 since its launch over a year ago, which demonstrates the business community's keen interest in the GBA opportunity. The HKTDC is very pleased to work with the HKECIC to conduct this research to further understand the pain points and needs of Hong Kong companies in developing the GBA market, and to collect opinions from and brainstorm with industry experts so as to make the GBA opportunity accessible by more Hong Kong companies."

In the third quarter of 2022, the HKTDC conducted a questionnaire survey on the "Greater Bay Area Domestic Market Development Strategy", surveying 413 Hong Kong companies that have either started developing domestic sales in the GBA or are planning to do so. Over 95% of the surveyed companies said they are facing various challenges, particularly those related to the pandemic such as disruptions in supply chain and production/sourcing activities as well as stringent border control measures. Besides, declining orders from overseas markets and spiralling costs have also dented business development.

Almost 70% of the respondents have sold directly to the Mainland buyers. Based on the weighted average amount, sales to the Mainland buyers account for 37.5% of the overall average annual sales of the respondents. Among them, over 90% have sold to Guangdong Province/the nine the Mainland GBA cities.

Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan are top three GBA cities in which Hong Kong companies have most interest

The Mainland GBA cities in which the companies surveyed are most interested in expanding into include Shenzhen (73.8%), Guangzhou (68.8%) and Dongguan (43.6%). Hong Kong companies mainly plan to sell products manufactured or sourced by them in the the Mainland as well as goods purchased from abroad to the GBA.

For sales channels, most of them sell to the Mainland importers/wholesalers (48.2%) and other business-to-business (B2B) channels. Almost 40% also sell directly to the Mainland consumers through websites or third-party platforms. Less than 14% of the surveyed enterprises have so far embarked on using e-commerce and internet applications to directly develop the GBA market. However, 65.1% would consider using these e-commerce applications to explore the Mainland market directly in the future.

Unfamiliarity with operation of the Mainland domestic market is biggest pain point for Hong Kong companies

Many survey respondents said they encounter various difficulties in expanding sales in the GBA, such as the Mainland market being flooded with cheap products (36.8%) and an unfamiliarity with the Mainland laws and regulations/product standards (35.8%). Some Hong Kong companies also mentioned issues relating to financing and customer credit (25.9%), including the lack of information on the credit background of the Mainland clients, capital shortage (23.5%), and the high risks of sales on credit (22.0%).

In addition, most Hong Kong companies would demand the buyer to make an advance payment (57.9%) or they would choose to bear the risks themselves (43.6%) in managing accounts receivable in the Mainland domestic sales. There are also a number of Hong Kong companies which buy credit insurance (14.0%) either directly in Hong Kong or through banks in Hong Kong.

To deal with the challenges involved, the companies surveyed said they need various support services, including promotion activities targeting the Mainland markets to identify buyers (33.2%) and marketing strategies for the GBA/Guangdong Province (31.5%). They also need support for a variety of financing and risk management services.

Hong Kong enterprises have unique advantages

In addition to the questionnaire survey, the HKTDC also conducted in-depth interviews with nine selected Hong Kong companies and industry representatives to better understand the views of the trade on how to bolster sales in the GBA.

Irina Fan, Director of HKTDC Research, said: "Hong Kong companies should make more use of innovative technologies to map out e-commerce solutions and build integrated online/offline sales channels in regard to domestic sales in the Mainland, enhancing their production and operational efficiency to help them seize GBA opportunities in the post-pandemic era."

The companies surveyed believe that Hong Kong possesses various advantages in developing the GBA domestic market, including the good reputation enjoyed by Hong Kong brands or Hong Kong products on the Mainland (48.4%), and Hong Kong being good at bringing in quality and trendy products from overseas (43.3%).

The report also showed that products that are "Made in Hong Kong", "Made by Hong Kong" and "Designed by Hong Kong" are all well received in the Mainland market. As such, Hong Kong companies should formulate the right business strategy targeting the domestic market as part of their plan to develop the GBA market.

Domestic sales risk management is crucial

According to the report, enterprises engaging in domestic sales in the Mainland or exports are inevitably exposed to certain market and customer credit risks. As credit transparency in the Mainland is rather low, Hong Kong companies must take risk management seriously and seek professional services that can provide due diligence checks when necessary to find out about the business status and credit background of their clients. Apart from the option of avoiding sales on credit to clients, Hong Kong companies should also consider using such tools as credit insurance to strike a balance between market development and risk control.

– HKTDC Research Portal: http://research.hktdc.com/
– Hong Kong – the Business Platform to Capitalise on Greater Bay Area Opportunities in Post-pandemic Era: https://research.hktdc.com/en/article/MTIzNDA4NTczNw
– Photo download: https://bit.ly/3h5tFJM


HKECIC was established in 1966 under the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation Ordinance (Chapter 1115). Through the provision of export credit insurance services, HKECIC protects Hong Kong exporters who trade on credit terms with overseas buyers against non-payment risks and helps them conduct export business in a prudent manner. The HKSAR Government provides a guarantee of HK$55 billion for HKECIC's contingent liability.


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body established in 1966 to promote, assist and develop Hong Kong's trade. With 50 offices globally, including 13 in The Mainland China, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a two-way global investment and business hub. The HKTDC organises international exhibitions, conferences and business missions to create business opportunities for companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in the the Mainland and international markets. The HKTDC also provides up-to-date market insights and product information via research reports and digital news channels. For more information, please visit: www.hktdc.com/aboutus. Follow us on Twitter @hktdc and LinkedIn.

Media enquiries

Corporate Communication Division
Gina San
Tel: +852 2732 9998
Email: gina.san@hkecic.com

Corporate Communication & Marketing Department
Kate Chan
Tel: +852 2584 4239
Email: kate.hy.chan@hktdc.org

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The Hong Kong Institute of Directors Holds Silver Jubilee Dinner and Presentation Ceremony for Directors Of The Year Awards 2022

HONG KONG, Nov 25, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The Hong Kong Institute of Directors ("HKIoD") has announced the winners of the Directors Of The Year Awards ("DYA") 2022. As the flagship project of HKIoD, DYA is one of the most prestigious business accolades in Hong Kong and the first of its kind in Asia. It seeks to recognise outstanding boards and directors, publicise the significance of good corporate governance and promote good corporate governance and director professionalism. The Awards were presented during the Silver Jubilee Dinner that celebrates the 25th Anniversary of both HKSAR and HKIoD, both having operated since 1 July 1997.

Financial Services and the Treasury (6th from the left, 1st row) bestows on the long-term loyal members of HKIoD souvenirs in recognition as Silver Jubilee Stars. They joined the membership in 1997, the inception year of HKIoD.

Congratulations to the awardees, who are inspiring role models for all directors!

This year's theme of work by HKIoD, notably in the Awards, is 'From Resilience to Sustainability', reflective of what directors have learnt over the years as resilience is the most important quality a company needs to survive in the ever-changing world and sustainability is the ultimate goal of every company.

The winners have been recognised for their ability to cultivate resilience in their businesses to the degree that they are able to anticipate, prepare for and respond to incremental change in an age of great disruption, whilst setting the pace for excellent sustainability-focused leadership now and into the future.

The winners of DYA 2022 in the various award categories are listed below:

Listed Companies Categories
Executive Directors
— Mr TAI Chun Kit
Four Seas Group
— Ms TANG Mei Wah
Town Ray Holdings Limited

— Baguio Green Group Limited
— China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited
— Tai Hing Holdings Group Ltd

Non-listed Companies Categories
Executive Directors
— Ms LINShun Heung, Ophelia
Meiriki Japan Company Limited

— Hong Yip Holdings Ltd

Statutory/Non-Profit Distributing Organisations Categories
Executive Directors
— Ms LI Sum, Helen
The Institute of Internal Auditors Hong Kong Limited

Non-Executive Directors
— Ms Cordelia CHUNG
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
— Mr Dennis HOChiu Ping
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
— Mr Andrew JONES
Kely Support Group

— Competition Commission
— Board of Consumer Council
— General Committee of Federation of Hong Kong Industries
— Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

About Directors Of The Year Awards
The Hong Kong Institute of Directors ("HKIoD") is Hong Kong's premier body representing directors to foster the long-term success of companies through advocacy and standards-setting in corporate governance and professional development for directors. A non-profit-distributing organisation with membership consisting of directors from listed and non-listed companies, HKIoD is committed to providing directors with educational programmes and information service and establishing an influential voice in representing directors. With international perspectives and a multi-cultural environment, HKIoD conducts business in biliteracy and trilingualism. HKIoD is a member institute of the Global Network of Director Institutes, a worldwide alliance of leading director institutes.

About The Hong Kong Institute of Directors
The Hong Kong Institute of Directors is Hong Kong's premier body representing directors to foster the long-term success of companies through advocacy and standards-setting in corporate governance and professional development for directors. A non-profit-distributing organisation with membership consisting of directors from listed and non-listed companies, HKIoD is committed to providing directors with educational programmes and information service and establishing an influential voice in representing directors. With international perspectives and a multi-cultural environment, HKIoD conducts business in biliteracy and trilingualism. Website: http://www.hkiod.com.

Media Enquiries:
Strategic Public Relations Group Limited
Brenda Chan +852 2114 4396/ brenda.chan@sprg.com.hk
Chak Yau +852 2114 4395/ chak.yau@sprg.com.hk

Directors Of The Year Awards:
The Hong Kong Institute of Directors
Odessa So +852 2889 4988 / odessa.so@hkiod.com
Joanne Yam +852 2889 1414/ joanne.yam@hkiod.com

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GenTwo partners with Apex Group’s EDB for global banking and paying agency solutions

Luxembourg and Zurich, Nov 11, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – European Depositary Bank ("EDB"), the Luxembourg- based provider of banking, paying agency, depositary and custody solutions, and innovative securitization specialist GenTwo, announce their partnership to provide GenTwo with paying agent and banking services for third party investors globally.

Zurich-based GenTwo creates securitization platforms for asset managers, banks, family offices and venture capital investors, enabling professional investors to easily invest in bankable and previously non-bankable assets. Institutional investors can use GenTwo's securitization solution to realize their own product and business innovations, to make any type of assets investable and to help shape new, sustainable markets.

GenTwo's partnership with Apex Group's EDB, expands GenTwo's offering with the provision of XS ISINs, marking another unique offering from GenTwo's securitization platform business and an important step on the way towards global reach.

This partnership will provide GenTwo's clients with bank accounts and paying agency services for notes issued via international clearing systems Clearstream SA and Euroclear. These services will be delivered by EDB, which offers traditional and digital banking services, as well as paying agency, registrar and transfer agency services to institutional investors and asset managers worldwide.

As part of global financial services provider Apex Group, EDB is one of the largest independent providers of depositary services in Europe for regulated UCITS and alternative funds, withover $160bn of Assets under Depositary (as of September 30, 2022). This latest news follows the recent appointment of David Claus as CEO of EDB (bit.ly/3hp25qA), and the roll out of Digital Banking (bit.ly/3hp25qA) services for institutional clients.

Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO and Co-Founder at GenTwo comments: "The partnership with Apex Group's EDB serves as important next step and catalyst to excel our successful service offering 'making all assets bankable' on a global scale, expanding our Ecosystem and the investment universe of our clients."

Cornelia Wallner, Global Head of Capital Markets Sales at Apex Group adds: "Free from institutional influences, EDB's agile and responsive banking capabilities help to set Apex Group apart, offering clients a large variety of solutions, available globally and underpinned by leading technology platforms and knowledgeable local teams. GenTwo continues to innovate, providing investors with access to new asset types and pioneering transformation in the market for alternative and digital investment products. We lookforward to supporting GenTwo's domestic and international clients with our banking and paying agency services as they continue to grow their global footprint."

About GenTwo

Zurich-based innovative securitization specialist GenTwo has invented a new generation of financial products. The company creates securitization platforms for asset managers, banks, family offices and venture capital investors, enabling professional investors to easily invest in bankable and previously non-bankable assets. The focus on off-balance sheet investment products solves the problem of declining margins and growth barriers for many financial market participants. New performance potential emerges through granting access to a theoretically unlimited world of asset classes. Institutional investors can use GenTwo's securitization solution to realize their own product and business innovations, to make any type of assets investable and to help shape new, sustainable markets via Swiss ISIN and XS ISIN. Private investors in Switzerland can as well benefit from these innovative products via their financial intermediaries.

Press Contact GenTwo:
Simone C. Drill, CMO
media@gentwo.com I +41 79 207 33 49

About European Depositary Bank

European Depositary Bank ("EDB") was founded in 1973 in Luxembourg. It was originally established as a subsidiary of Hamburg based private bank M.M.Warburg & CO (AG & CO) KGaA and was acquired by Apex Group Ltd ("Apex") in 2019. EDB is supported by Apex's strong global network of over 50 offices worldwide in addition to its extensive European presence with circa 2,000 employees across the region and is one of the largest providers of depositary services in Europe for regulated UCITS and alternative funds with over $160.6bn Assets under Depositary (as of September 30, 2022). www.europeandepositarybank.com

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Antonia Powell, Head of Media Relations
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Digital Treasures Center Trailblazing in Physical Cryptocurrency Transactions

Launches first POS machine for crypto transactions in Singapore

Singapore, Nov 9, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Digital Treasures Center (DTC), a web2.0 and web3.0 payment service provider, has achieved multiple firsts since obtaining the full payment licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in August 2022.

  1. The fintech is the first payment company to launch a point of sale (POS) machine in Singapore to accept cryptocurrencies.
  2. DTC’s Chief Operating Officer El Lee is the first home-grown Singapore entrepreneur to receive the Top 10 Fintech Leaders award three times.
  3. DTC is the first fully licensed crypto currency payment company in Asia to be selected for Mastercard’s Start Path global startup engagement program.

First POS machine to accept cryptocurrencies in Singapore

DTC became the first MAS regulated major payment company to launch a point of service (POS) machine for physical cryptocurrency transactions in Singapore at the Singapore Fintech Festival.

Digital Treasures Center showcasing their POS machine that accepts physical cryptocurrency transactions during Singapore Fintech Festival.

“The DTC team has worked hard to ensure that merchants can seamlessly accept crypto in their physical stores. Now consumers can pay via cryptocurrencies at physical store through our POS machine seamlessly,” said Alice Liu, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of DTC.

With a POS machine, DTC is empowering merchants to easily accept cryptocurrency payment and receive fiat payout in Singapore Dollar or US Dollar. This allows merchants to see almost immediate transfer with transaction fees that is much lower than typical credit cards.

Retailers that are already using DTC’s service to accept cryptocurrency payment include 35A Scotts, a private club house; H2 Hub, a watch retailer with multiple outlets around Singapore; and Lumin Eye Specialist, which provides holistic ophthalmology services, GL Auto and F1 Auto, which are premium car dealers in Singapore.

Currently, DTC accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC).

First home-grown Singapore entrepreneur to be a 3rd time winner of the Top 10 Fintech Leaders award

Second, El Lee, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of DTC became the first home-grown Singapore entrepreneur to win the coveted Top 10 Fintech Leaders award for the third time at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 in recognition of his leadership in driving the company in the frontier at the cryptocurrency payment space in Singapore.

From left to right: Richmond Teo from Paxos presenting El Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Treasures Center, the Top 10 Fintech Leaders award during Singapore Fintech Festival.

Since receiving the MPI license in August, DTC has gone from strength to strength. In addition to launching the first POS machine to accept crypto transactions physically, DTC has also launched DTC Wallet on Apple Store and Google Play. The fintech is also enhancing the onboarding process to allow for online and near real-time onboarding.

“I am grateful for the continued recognition as one of the top 10 Fintech Leaders, having strived to improve the blockchain and financial industry.” El said. “The award also belongs to our team that worked very hard. DTC is the only MAS regulated payment company that has product for both consumer and merchant, and solution for both online and in-store payment, with card, fiat and crypto payment processing capability!”

First fully licensed cryptocurrency payment company in Asia to be selected for this year Mastercard Start Path program

DTC is the only Asia-based company to be selected for this year Mastercard Start Path. Founded in 2014, Start Path has engaged 350 startups globally. Approximately 1,500 startups annually are evaluated for entry to the program with a 2% acceptance rate. Through the Mastercard Start Path Crypto program, high-potential Web3 startups receive the opportunity to co-create and innovate, gain customized expertise from Mastercard, and access a diverse customer base through the company’s global scale.

“We are excited to be part of this prestigious Start Path program by Mastercard and we believe there is great synergy between DTC, Mastercard and its ecosystem. As DTC build the next generation payment solution to bring crypto, cash, card together into a single platform, card players like Mastercard are key strategic partners for us and we look forward to learning and working with the Mastercard team,” said El.

For more information about the Start Program this year, please refer to the Mastercard announcement: https://mstr.cd/3tdqySu

About Digital Treasures Center

Digital Treasures Center Pte Ltd (“DTC”) is an enterprise payment service provider incorporated in Singapore with PCI-DSS level 1 certification and winner of the prestigious Fintech Partner Award at Singapore Fintech Festival. Our payment solution – DTC Pay, offers clients and merchants the ability to receive and settle payment, including cryptocurrency. DTC Pay is compliant, fast, secure and cost efficient. DTC is dedicated to building the payment infrastructure that would allow merchants and consumers to interact with fiat and cryptocurrency seamlessly.

Find out more at www.dtcpayment.com

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Email: desmond.yong@dtcpayment.com
Mobile: +65 9794 1679

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