Hiring in the Healthcare Sector Soars in the Philippines with 11% Increase: foundit Insights Tracker

  • Overall hiring activity in the country improved by 4% on a month-on-month basis
  • Healthcare industry (+11%) showcased maximum growth in hiring, followed by Logistics (+7%) and Retail (+3%) among others

MANILA, Philippines, Mar 8, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – foundit (formerly Monster APAC & ME), one of the leading talent platforms, today published the foundit Insights Tracker (fit) for January 2023, formerly published as Monster Employment Index (MEI). Philippines witnessed a 4% month-on-month (MoM) growth in online hiring activity in January ’23 compared to December ’22, according to the fit report. The company Monster APAC & Middle East was rebranded as foundit in November 2022.

Despite the 7% annual drop in e-recruitment activity, the MoM increase in hiring is a testimony to the reviving job market in the Philippines. However, the emphasis remains on re-skilling and upskilling employees to thrive in current market dynamics.

The healthcare sector witnessed the steepest monthly growth (+11%) as health remains a top priority across rural and urban areas in the country, especially post-Covid, and fast-paced innovations have made accessibility to healthcare easier for Filipinos. The country had also recently passed a few landmark health laws focussed on building a healthier ecosystem. This projects a continuous demand in the job market and hence the steady requirement for highly qualified medical staff.

Commenting on the Philippines’ job trends for January 2023, Sekhar Garisa, CEO, foundit, said,Despite the global slowdown, the Philippines’ job market is showing remarkable resilience, with positive momentum month over month. As businesses across various sectors pivot and incorporate technological innovations, the job market is experiencing a significant boost, particularly in the healthcare, retail, and IT industries. These sectors are witnessing tremendous growth and creating new employment opportunities. Moreover, the country’s robust supply chain and thriving service sector have added to this positive momentum. Overall, the Philippine job market appears to be bouncing back to its pre-pandemic levels, showcasing an impressive recovery amidst challenging global conditions.

Other sectors that showcased promising growth in January’23 are Logistics, Courier/ Freight/ Transportation/Import/Export/Shipping (+7%), Retail (+3%), Hospitality (+3%), and IT/Telecom (+3%). The rise in e-commerce platforms, internet penetration across the country and increasing demand for industrial freight warehouses can be credited to the rising demand in these sectors. Philippines also noticed positive hiring growth in BFSI (+2%), BPO/ITES (+2%), Engineering, Construction, & Real Estate (+1%), and Advertising Market Research/Public Relations/ Media & Entertainment (+1%) sectors, which have previously made noteworthy contributions to the country’s GDP and have chartered a sequential growth momentum for the sectors.

Across functional roles, the demand for Marketing & Communication (+10%) and Sales & Business Development (+8%) professionals continues to trend as organisations look to improve margins by deploying skilled professionals who add value to their brands. Given the growth of the healthcare industry, Healthcare (+8%) professionals also constituted a significant portion of the overall demand.

The Philippines job market exhibited positive demand for professionals across all functions monitored by Tracker including Purchase/Logistics/Supply Chain (+7%), Customer Service (7%), HR & Admin (+6%), and Finance & Accounts (+4%). The surge in digital marketing initiatives and the rapid deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) has encouraged hiring in these sectors. Given the impressive performance of the hospitality sector, coupled with the recent surge in domestic tourism and the advancements in digital booking, the demand for hospitality and travel job roles (+3%) increased in January ’23.

The foundit Insights Tracker (fit) is a comprehensive monthly analysis of online job posting activity conducted by foundit. Based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large, representative selection of online career outlets, fit presents a snapshot of employer online recruitment activity nationwide.

Period for the report

The period considered for the foundit Insights Tracker (fit) data is 1st to 31st January 2023.

About foundit – APAC & Middle East

foundit, formerly Monster (APAC & ME), is a leading talent platform offering comprehensive employment solutions to recruiters and job seekers across APAC & ME. Since its inception, the company has assisted over 75 million registered users to find jobs, upskill, and connect with the right opportunities across 18 countries. Over the last two decades, the company has been a catalyst in the world of recruitment solutions with advanced technology, seeking to efficiently bridge the talent gap across industry verticals, experience levels, and geographies. Today, foundit is committed to enabling and connecting the right talent with the right opportunities by harnessing the power of deep tech to sharpen hyper-personalized job searches, and their local expertise to aid precision hiring. foundit strongly believes that a job title doesn’t define one’s potential and leverages technology to dig deeper to curate opportunities central to the needs and aspirations of each user.

To learn more, about foundit in APAC & Gulf,

Visit: www.foundit.com.ph | www.foundit.my | https://www.foundit.in | https://www.founditgulf.com | https://www.foundit.sg | www.foundit.com.hk | https://www.foundit.id

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Lapak Ganjar helps Indonesian MSMEs to enter the export market

Central Java, Indonesia, Feb 15, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Lapak Ganjar (The Ganjar Series) is a program initiated by the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, to help Central Java MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) market their products. Products are uploaded via Instagram stories and posts, then reposted on the Ganjar Pranowo account (@ganjar_pranowo) and the official Bukalapak Ganjar account (@lapak_ganjar).

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo talking to MSME participants in the 'Lapak Ganjar' program. [Image: Central Java Govt.]

'Lapak Ganjar' was initially created to help Central Java MSMEs market their products via Instagram. [Image: Central Java Govt.]

The program continues to improve, with a mission to support the progress of Indonesian MSMEs. [Image: Central Java Govt.]

Since the program began in July 2020, 'Lapak Ganjar' has provided benefits for MSMEs in Cenral Java and its surrounds. Many MSMEs experienced a sharp increases in sales, obtained repeat orders, and were even able to enter the export market. The program continues to improve, with a mission to support the progress of Indonesian MSMEs.

Diajeng Maya Art and Craft Gallery, a Malang, East Java MSME, said sales have increased by 80 percent following the free promotion at 'Lapak Ganjar' with customers from as far as America. Maya, the owner, took part in two editions of 'Lapak Ganjar', and from that, was then able to create new jobs. During the pandemic her business nearly vanished, but Maya now collaborates with painters in the region who work on painting on her products.

Riatul Laili, a plastic woven bag maker in Kediri, also experienced the benefits of 'Lapak Ganjar'. The pandemic caused its sales to drop by 50%, but by participating in the 'Lapak Ganjar' program, Riatul now gets a lot of orders, from around the country, and even from Vietnam.

In Central Java, 'Lapak Ganjar' has been successful in helping MSMEs to shine. Take for example Adi Nugroho, the owner of Adi Ambarawa Custom Drum. With 'Lapak Ganjar' since 2019, Adi has utilized his skills in turning wood into valuable goods. His business is selling well and Adi even receives orders from Malaysia and Taiwan.

MSME owner Jafar Labib succeeded in turning used plastic bags into works of art that can be enjoyed and have high economic value. Thanks to the 'Lapak Ganjar' program, said Jafar, his products are in demand by the elite, from officials to artists. The young man from Pati also contributed to the last G20 Presidency.

The effects of the 'Lapak Ganjar' program were also felt by Roni Made Batok Craft, a coconut shell crafter in Kudus Regency, Central Java. Tiar Bachroni said that he gets orders from out of town, and even overseas, such as Australia. Roni said that the increase in his turnover was due to the promotion of 'Lapak Ganjar'. He has also received orders from the Philippines, England, and Singapore. Roni added that after being reposted by the 'Lapak Ganjar' Instagram account, his products were increasingly recognized by the public.

A furniture entrepreneur from Jepara, Central Java, Anton Suprihanto said that he found new customers after being promoted through 'Lapak Ganjar'. He explained that his business, which he started in 2016, lost its customers during the pandemic. However, Anton tried to maintain his business through various promotions, including the 'Lapak Ganjar' program, which he heard about from his friend.

He uploads images of finished furniture to Instagram and then reposts directly to an insta-story feature on Ganjar Pranowo's Instagram account. Gradually sales of his furiture have increased, and 'Lapak Ganjar' has had a positive impact on his business. Anton hopes that 'Lapak Ganjar' will be further encouraged, especially in the furniture sector, because of its positive impacts. Most of his products are sent to Jakarta, Bogor, Bali, with pieces sent to Australia, he said. His products can be seen on the Instagram account @leandra_furniture.

Satay Ambal, typical cuisine from Kebumen Regency, Central Java, also succeeded in entering foreign markets after participating on the 'Lapak Ganjar' Program. Owner Titin Agustinah is grateful for receiving orders from Hong Kong, Belgium, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore. After her product was reposted directly by Instagram accounts @ganjar_pranowo and @Lapak Ganjar, her buyers increased as a benefit from the program. Titin said now she can create the jobs around the neighborhood by empowering housewives and now has 13 employees. Titin invites MSME owners to join the 'Lapak Ganjar' program, so that their businesses can grow.

Satay Ambal has become a popular product since 'Lapak Ganjar'. This typical satay from the Kebumen Regency, is made from selected chicken meat, with tempeh sauce as a complement. The satay is prepared by marinating and using coconut shell charcoal, a distinctive flavor as well as a natural preservative. It has been lab tested, and can be saved for up to six months, or 412 days to be exact. Details at 'Lapak Ganjar'!

Visit Lapak Ganjar at https://lapakganjar.org. Follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lapakganjar/.

Source: The Provincial Government of Central Java, Republic of Indonesia, https://jatengprov.go.id.

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Abraclean Launches Singapore’s First Recycled Glass Abrasive Plant

Singapore, Feb 6, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Ms Grace Fu, inaugurated ABRABLAST Singapore's first recycled glass abrasive manufacturing plant in Abraclean (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd at 46 Pioneer Sector 2, Singapore 628396. Present for the launch were Gurmit Singh, Chairman- Abraclean and Colonel (Ret) Lau Kee Siong- Director.

From (L) Xiang Xiang, MD-Abraclean Asia Pacific Pvt LTd, Gurmit Singh, Chairman, Abrablast, Minister Grace Fu and KS Lau, Director, Abraclean at the launch of Abrablast

ABRABLAST is a proprietary and a registered trademark in Singapore. Abraclean holds a General Waste Disposal Facility licence issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA), to receive, store, process or treat glass waste. The facility is licensed with a design capacity of 50 tonnes per day. We are a "Social Enterprise" moving towards building a Circular Economy.

Gurmit Singh, Chairman, Abraclean quips, "Sustainability is not just a vertical but also a horizontal layer that cuts across various industries. We are supporting Singapore's circular economy to ensure we recycle the glass and put it to use without harming Gaia (earth). We advocate for Singapore's Zero Waste Masterplan and believe this move will benefit the country such as contributing to raise recycling glass waste. We can process 40 tonnes daily, approximately 1,000 tonnes a month and 12,000 tonnes per year. This represents, about 16% of glass waste generated in Singapore. By recycling glass in this way, we will save on energy and reduce the carbon footprint. With a zero waste solution we further aspire to lower the landfill burden."

About Abraclean (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Incepted in the year 2017, Abraclean is a one stop solution company for Blasting and Coating Services. We partner with International Brands of Protective coatings to meet the standards of industry. The company has considerable experience in blasting and coating, corrosion protection by providing proper surface preparation and utilizing various coatings. ABRABLAST represents our first step towards zero waste.

Bloomingdale PR Pte Ltd
Ganesh Somwanshi
+65 9779 1286

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Hylobiz Launches its Business in Indonesia in Partnership with Accurate and Brankas, Empowers M/SMEs with Improved Cashflow and Steady Growth

JAKARTA, Feb 3, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – The partnership of Hylobiz, a Vayana group company, with Accurate and Brankas would facilitate businesses in Indonesia with connected business software, especially accounting & POS (point of sales) and connected banking services supporting them with faster collections and strong cashflow for steady business growth.

With this, M/SMEs in the Southeast Asia market will see a positive transition. Businesses will be able to digitize invoices and collections overcoming the crippling issues related to cashflow and business growth.

With Accurate, Hylobiz shares a joint vision to enable Accurate's SME customers to achieve Cashflow and Compliance automation and thereby offer Credit (Embedded Trade Finance) through partner FIs, with Accurate ERP continuing as the customers' primary application interface.

"We (Accurate) are very happy to be partnering with Hylobiz. As we enter the modern era, we believe that everything must be efficient, everything needs to be fast. Hopefully accurate as business software especially Accounting Software & POS can be a solution for SMEs customers with a takeline #Bisnisjadimudah on developing their own business," said Yosep Stephen as CEO Accurate.

With Brankas, Hylobiz shares a joint vision to enable business growth for Indonesia's SMEs with cashflow automation by leveraging Open Banking technology.

"Embedded finance is set to have a massive impact on business innovation in the coming years, and we believe the use cases today are only just the beginning. We are excited to see the increasing usage of Brankas APIs by organizations across a variety of industries in Indonesia, and share Hylobiz' vision to drive faster collections for its customers," said Husni Fuad, Country Manager Indonesia, Brankas

Digitization of receivables, collections with payment links, automated payment reminders, automated reconciliations in real-time, and smart tracking of payments are some of the top and most needed features available with connected ERP and connected Banking capability established through the synergy of the trio.

Vishal Gupta, CEO, of Hylobiz, said, "Hylobiz has been addressing the cash collections, payouts, and real-time reconciliation for the businesses across India, UAE and the USA helping 250K businesses for growth on their cashflows. With Accurate and Brankas we aim to serve b2b SMEs in Indonesia better through ZERO process change, for faster invoice collections and embedded finance for their business growth."

About Brankas

Brankas is a leading global open finance technology provider. We provide API-based solutions, data and payments solutions for financial service providers (like banks, lenders and e-wallets) and online businesses. Brankas partners with banks to build and manage their open finance infrastructure, producing APIs for real-time payments, identity and data, new account opening, remittances, and more. With Brankas' secure open banking technology, online businesses, fintech companies and digital banks can use Brankas APIs to create new digital experiences for their users. Headquartered in Singapore.

Visit website: https://www.brankas.com/

About Accurate

Accurate is a business software to help people manage, monitor, and present their business financial reports easily.

Proven by 21 years of consistency and won top brand awards consecutively for 7 years, with outstanding features that will simplify business operational processes such as preparation management processes, recording and presenting more than 200 types of financial reports automatically, tax management and reporting, integration into various applications and other business support software and many more.

Accurate has served hundreds of thousands of businesses in various industries in Indonesia as their trusted Accounting Software and POS, with easily administer, manage, and as an easy financial system known for its features completeness and operational flexibility. This has led to Accurate Is widespread acceptance by trading companies, distribution companies, contractors, and manufacturing companies. Headquartered in Tangerang Selatan, Banten .

Visit website: https://accurate.id/

About Hylobiz, a Vayana group company

Hylobiz is a Fintech serving to simplify the processes in the B2B ecosystem and is currently operational in India, UAE, and the US and is now launching in Indonesia. With its Connected ERP and Connected Banking capabilities, the unified solution simplifies invoice collections and cashflow in the B2B space and simplifies working capital access. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra in India.

Visit Websites: https://hylobiz.id/, https://hylo.biz/

Media contacts:

Hylobiz, Perusahaan Vayana Group
Amit Parmar – (WhatsApp) +91 83901 08989
Arkin Dumais – (WhatsApp) + 62 85882567970
Email: amit@vayana.com, arkin@hylobiz.com

Bala Subramanian – +65 8157 3627(Whatsapp)
Email: bala.subramanian@brankas.com

Cinthya W Putri – +62 81381706036
Evan Mangundap – +62 82112433117
Email: cinthya.widayanti@accurate.id, evan@accurate.id

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Job Market in Malaysia Thrives with 65% Increase in Retail Hiring: foundit Insights Tracker

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Malaysia recorded a robust 21% year-on-year growth in e-recruitment activity in December '22 compared to the same month a year ago, according to the foundit Insights Tracker (fit), formerly published as Monster Employment Index (MEI). The growth is attributed to the country easing travel restrictions and opening its borders. The company Monster APAC & Middle East was rebranded as foundit in 'December 2022.

The Index stands at 76 with 3% month-on-month growth, driving a spree in hiring activity in December '22. According to fit, the job market has shown noteworthy growth month over month, projecting a continuous demand in the job market. Moreover, over the last three months, there has been a robust 10% growth in hiring across sectors, indicating a persistent demand in the labour market.

The retail industry experienced an impressive 65% increase in hiring activity year-over-year, primarily due to robust retail sales and an upward trend in consumer sentiment. The easing of Covid rules and regulations, fast-growing retail business, along with borders reopening to boost import/export and resume travel have aided the boost in retail jobs. Similar trends were observed in the hospitality sector, where job demand increased significantly by 55%. With a 34% increase in hiring activity, the BFSI sector also maintained its upward trend.

Commenting on job trends for December 2022, Sekhar Garisa, CEO, foundit APAC & ME, said, "The job market in Malaysia is showing strong and sustained demand, as reflected in the impressive growth numbers reported by the foundit Insights Tracker. This is a testament to the country's success in easing travel restrictions and reopening its borders, which has led to a surge in demand across various sectors, particularly in retail, hospitality, and BFSI. The overall picture is of resilience and growth, even though some sectors have experienced difficulties due to global economic uncertainty. We believe that this trend will persist in the upcoming months."

Other sectors that showed encouraging growth in December '22 are Logistic, Courier/ Freight/ Transportation, Shipping/ Marine (+32%), Oil and Gas (+1%), Production/Manufacturing, Automotive and Ancillary (+2%) and Engineering, Construction and Real Estate (+2%) sector from the year-ago level. The advertising, Market Research, Public Relations, Media and Entertainment industry also saw tremendous growth (+15%) in December 22, led by a surge in digital marketing initiatives and artificial intelligence (AI) deployment.

While the Index reflects a year-on-year hiring dip in IT, Telecom/ISP, and BPO/ITES by 13%, the monthly hiring demand in the sector has seen a notable increase. However, hiring in this sector has slowed in recent months, primarily due to ongoing global economic uncertainties.

Online recruitment surpassed the year-ago level in 8 of the 9 occupation groups monitored by the tracker, with Hospitality & Travel leading the charge at (+212%). This is due to the opening of land and air borders as the country has completely eased out of the Covid-19 pandemic and opened its land borders with Singapore. This factor has also contributed to the positive growth in Sales & Business Development job roles (+28%). The increased penetration of digitization across all sectors, followed by a pickup in Finance & Accounts (+29%) roles, registered an increased demand and has maintained resolute growth rates since April '21. However, among all monitored functions, customer service is the only one to have registered a de-growth of 17% in December '22.

The foundit Insights Tracker is a comprehensive monthly analysis of online job posting activity conducted by foundit. Based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large, representative selection of online career outlets, the foundit Insights Tracker (FIT) presents a snapshot of employer online recruitment activity nationwide.

Period for the report
The period considered for the foundit Insights Tracker (fit) data is 1st to 31st December, 2022.

About foundit – APAC & Middle East

foundit, formerly Monster (APAC & ME), is a leading talent platform offering comprehensive employment solutions to recruiters and job seekers across APAC & ME. Since its inception, the company has assisted over 75 million registered users to find jobs, upskill, and connect with the right opportunities across 18 countries. Over the last two decades, the company has been a catalyst in the world of recruitment solutions with advanced technology, seeking to efficiently bridge the talent gap across industry verticals, experience levels, and geographies. Today, foundit is committed to enabling and connecting the right talent with the right opportunities by harnessing the power of deep tech to sharpen hyper-personalized job searches, and precision hiring. foundit strongly believes that a job title doesn't define one's potential and leverages technology to dig deeper to curate opportunities central to the needs and aspirations of each user.

To learn more, about foundit in APAC & Gulf,

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President Joko Widodo Launches Indonesia’s 2023 ASEAN Chairmanship

JAKARTA, Jan 30, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – The Kick Off of Indonesia's Chairmanship of ASEAN in 2023 was held at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout on Sunday (29/01) morning. The event was marked by a rebana biang musical instrument struck by President Joko Widodo at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, witnessed by thousands of people. President Joko Widodo expressed optimism that ASEAN will remain relevant, create a peaceful and stable Indo Pacific, and become a centre of economic growth.

President Joko Widodo (middle) is hitting tambourine as a sign to kick off Indonesia's 2023 ASEAN Chairmanship at Hotel Indonesia Roundabout in Jakarta, Sunday (January 29, 2023). Under his leadership, the President is optimistic that ASEAN will keep growing and being regionally and globally contributive.

The Kick Off event was a collaboration between the Jakarta Provincial Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Coinciding with the Motor Vehicle Free Day (HBKB), the atmosphere appeared different and livelier than usual with the Nusantara Parade. The parade line-up was colourful and lively, consisting of marching bands, carnival outfits, percussion music groups, and Jakarta art groups, such as Betawi dancers and ondel-ondel. After a leisurely bike ride accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta, and a number of Ministers, President Joko Widodo joined the parade line in front of Sarinah, walking together towards the HI Roundabout.

The parade involved more than 500 people from various representative groups, namely Mawar Budaya group, Jakarta Music House, DKI Jakarta Paskibra, students from a number of Jakarta high schools, Altajuru music group, Firefighters and SSY. Also participating in the parade were Ambassadors of friendly countries and representatives of international organisations. The joy of HBKB was further enhanced by the presence of an entertainment stage enlivened by a number of artists, including Rara Lida, Putra Lida and Maria Callista.

The handover of ASEAN Chairmanship from Cambodia to Indonesia took place at the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh last November 2022. Indonesia's ASEAN Chairmanship period began on 1 January 2023 and will last for a year until 31 December 2023. As one of the founding countries of ASEAN and the largest country in ASEAN, many parties rely on Indonesia to be able to make various breakthroughs and innovations in dealing with various world problems that are also faced by the region.

Through the theme of the ASEAN Chairmanship, namely: "ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth", Indonesia is determined to direct ASEAN cooperation in 2023 to continue and strengthen ASEAN's relevance in responding to regional and global challenges, and strengthen ASEAN's position as the epicentre of regional economic growth, for the prosperity of the people of ASEAN.

The kick-off was held ahead of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' meeting on 3-4 February 2023, which will take place at the ASEAN Secretariat Building, Jakarta.


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Avendus appoints Sumit Dayal as Independent Non-Executive Director in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Jan 10, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Avendus, one of India's leading institutional financial services companies, announced the appointment of Sumit Dayal as Independent Non-Executive Director in Singapore today. He will provide guidance and corporate governance oversight as a Board member to Avendus Capital Pte. Limited (Singapore).

Sumit Dayal

A seasoned banker with over 30 years of corporate and investment banking experience, spent 16 years as Managing Director and headed various business units of Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and Hong Kong. He also spent over 13 years in multiple roles in Bank of America across client risk and client coverage based in India, Singapore, and Hong Kong in the past.

Commenting on the appointment, Gaurav Deepak, Co-founder and CEO, Avendus Capital said, "We are delighted that Sumit has decided to join Avendus Singapore. We're confident that his exceptional experience and advisory will be of immense value to the franchise as we focus on making Singapore a strong base to grow our institutional franchise in Investment Banking, Institutional Equities and Wealth Management."

Sumit Dayal, Independent Non-Executive Director, Avendus Capital Pte. Limited said, "I am delighted to join Avendus. It's an institution that has been built on very strong fundamentals and one that I have admired immensely. I am looking forward to working with the firm to further deepen its linkages in the APAC region."

About Avendus

Avendus Group is a leading financial services firm with presence in the areas of Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Credit Solutions and Asset Management. Established in 1999 in Mumbai, India, Avendus is today present in 10 cities across India, US, UK and Singapore. Avendus partners with the Indian entrepreneur ecosystem to provide differentiated solutions that enable clients to meet their strategic aspirations.

Avendus Capital, the investment banking arm, is consistently ranked among the top investment banks in the country on the back of its in-depth domain understanding and a best in the class track record of domestic and cross-border transactions. Avendus' wide range of clients is testimony to its ability to serve its corporates throughout their life cycle — from growth stage funding to large-sized transactions and M&A advisory.

Avendus Capital Inc located in New York is an Avendus Group entity offering M&A and Private Equity syndication services to clients in the US.

Avendus Capital Pte Limited located in Singapore is an Avendus Group entity undertaking Fund Management business in Singapore.

For more information, please visit www.avendus.com.

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Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) Secures Collaboration Agreements with Global Partners

JAKARTA, Jan 7, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) has secured two collaboration agreements with global partners. The signings were held with the inauguration of the PIS branch office in Dubai, UAE (PIS ME) on December 23, 2022.

PIS signs MoC with Elite Tankship, signed by the CEO of Elite Tankship, Mangish Kakodkar, and the Director of Operations of PIS, Brilian Perdana. Witnessed by CEO PIS, Yoki Firnandi, President Director Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, President Commissioner Pertamina, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, and H.E Ambassador of Indonesia for UAE, Husin Bagis.

PIS signed a Heads of Agreement (HoA) with BGN International DMCC (BGN), and a Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) with Elite Tankship Pte Ltd (Elite Tankship).

The HoA with BGN was signed by the CEO of BGN Group, Ruya Bayegan, and the CEO of PIS, Yoki Firnandi. The agreement addresses a Joint Venture (JV) establishment by the two companies for the acquisition, maintenance, and operation of VLGC (Very Large Gas Carriers) vessels and/or other types of vessels.

BGN, headquartered in the UAE, is one of the world's largest LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) trading companies and the largest LPG importer in Indonesia. "The VLGC business will support BGN's imports of Pertamina's LPG. At some point, it might endorse the cargo market of ammonia," said Commercial Director of PIS, Arief Sukmara.

The MoC with Elite Tankship addresses Clean Petroleum Products (CPP), Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP), gas, and other commodities needed in the Middle East, and other areas covered by the parties. The MoC was signed by the Elite Tankship CEO Mangish Kakodkar, and PIS Director of Operations and Managing Director Brilian Perdana.

Elite Tankship, headquartered in Singapore, established collaboration with PIS in chartering the VLCC Pertamina Prime, the largest owned vessel and the company's pride, in May 2022 for a six-year contract period.

About PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) Pte Ltd

As the Integrated Marine Logistics Subholding, PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) supports Indonesia's economic growth through safe and sustainable operation, becomes a trusted and reliable maritime partner, and promotes value for stakeholders through running its business. https://pertamina-pis.com/.

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Green Power Energy’s 20 MW Taungdaw Gwin Build-Own-Operate Solar Plant Commissioned in Myanmar

Mandalay, Myanmar, Dec 30, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Myanmar's latest solar energy plant, the 20 megawatt (MW) build-own-operate (BOO) Taungdaw Gwin project, has been officially opened, adding a new chapter to the country's sustainability and electrification efforts, its developer announced today.

The 20-megawatt Taungdaw Gwin mega-scale solar PV project will contribute to Myanmar's sustainability and electrification efforts. [Image: GPE]

The project was developed by Green Power Energy Company Limited (GPE), a subsidiary of Gold Energy Company Limited (GE), a leading renewable energy developer in Myanmar.

Taungdaw Gwin is the second mega-scale solar project to be completed by the GE group. Clean Power Energy Limited, another GE subsidiary, completed the 30 MW Thapyay Wa project in Mandalay district in December 2021.

With the official opening of the Taungdaw Gwin project, GE's solar energy capacity stands at 50 MW. GE also operates the 120 MW Thaukyegat (2) Hydropower Project (TYG), commissioned in 2013.

Located on an 80.9-hectare site southeast of Kyaukse, Myit Thar Township, the Taungdaw Gwin project utilizes a solar tracking system so as to maximize photovoltaic (PV) energy captured by 45,980 solar panels. The project is expected to generate 25.1 MW of direct current or 22.9 MW of alternating current per year.

The Taungdaw Gwin project began transmission to the National Grid on 17 November 2022. The energy output is directly linked to the Taungdaw Gwin substation and is connected to the national grid via a 69.6 km 33-kV transmission line built by GPE.

In line with its commitment to give back to the community, the GPE team conducted an in-depth Environmental and Social Impact Assessment before construction. This enabled an understanding of the impact on nearby communities and the environment and helped to facilitate construction in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Through engaging with local community leaders to understand the needs of the residents surrounding Taungdaw Gwin, the GPE team constructed and installed two overpasses measuring 20.1 metres long by 4.5 metres wide. These and other efforts have improved socio-economic benefits to the community in this otherwise harsh area which had faced challenges of accessibility during the development phase of this important project.

U Zaw Win, Managing Director of GPE, said: "We are proud of the successful completion of the Taungdaw Gwin solar facility. We look forward to a sustainable energy source for the future of Myanmar.

"As a partner in nation-building, GPE is deeply committed to infrastructure development and sustainability in Myanmar. This and other renewable energy projects we are involved in will increase the contribution of renewable energy to the national grid while advancing the country's national electrification goals."

About Green Power Energy (GPE)

Green Power Energy Company Limited (GPE), a subsidiary of Gold Energy Company Limited (GE), is a renewable energy developer. GPE completed the Taungdaw Gwin solar PV facility, which was officially opened in December 2022. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, GPE completed the project earlier than scheduled.

The solar energy is connected to the Taungdaw Gwin substation, part of the national grid, via a 69.6 km 33-kV transmission line built by GPE. As GPE continues to build upon its track record and execution capabilities, it remains committed to contributing to Myanmar's clean energy sector in the coming years. Visit https://gpenergymm.com/.

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Indonesia encourages collaboration to achieve blue economy in AIS Forum

JAKARTA, Dec 21, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Indonesia emphasized the need for collaboration to achieve the blue economy and green economy concepts among the members of the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum.

"Next year (in 2023), through the head of state level meeting, we hope the joint commitment of island and archipelagic nations around the world (which are the members of the AIS Forum) will encourage Indonesia to realize its vision as the world's maritime axis," Indonesian Coordinating Minister of Marine Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, said here on Tuesday.

The AIS Forum, which was initiated in 2018, has held four ministerial-level meetings so far to encourage commitment and discussion between archipelagic and island countries to establish concrete cooperation and collaboration on improving their economy and protecting the marine environment.

Additionally, Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi reminded member countries of AIS Forum to be able to synergize with other global initiatives. "We must have the same spirit, namely the spirit of collaboration, because we can only overcome various global challenges if the world is united, not divided," Marsudi said.

Then, Marsudi added, the AIS Forum should strengthen its commitments to solve common problems in managing the oceans.

In 2023, Indonesia will host the AIS Summit which will be a part of efforts to realize the country's vision to become a global maritime axis. Indonesia and other archipelagic and island nations on the AIS Forum reiterated to increase commitments and efforts to tackle the danger of climate crisis by strengthening collaboration in the blue economy.

"When we talk about the green economy, we talk about carbon. A coastline is one of the biggest carbon sinks through mangroves and corals," Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia said.

The Indonesian government also committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions (NZE) in 2060 which is expected to grow the investment potential in the blue economy, green economy, and circular economy sectors. Lahadalia also emphasized efforts to protect and restore the wealth of marine resources, including planting mangroves, protecting coral reefs, and preserving marine life.

Indonesia is currently intensifying the implementation of the blue economy and green economy in its investment and development program including the development project for the New National Capital City (IKN).

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy hoped the city would be able to create an inclusive and sustainable national economic transformation by utilizing digital infrastructure and implementing a green economy. "Thus, the development of IKN is expected to be a new basic in creating the inclusive and sustainable national economic transformation through business modernization, digital infrastructure improvement that implements the green economy and blue economy," Muhadjir said. The Minister said the new capital city is a national identity and the driver for the Indonesian economy in the future.

According to the data of IKN.go.id, there will be six economic clusters in IKN including Clean Technology Industry Cluster, Integrated Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster, Sustainable Agriculture Industry, Ecotourism and Health Tourism Cluster, Chemical Products and Byproducts Cluster, as well as Low Carbon Energy Cluster. Besides, there will be two supporting clusters derived from the 21st Century Education Cluster, and Smart City and Industry 4.0 Centre.


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